The time before tomorrow part one of monsters

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Louie is telling his five year old niece Rosey a Story about a little boy named Worth and his friend Todd Trying to get back home while facing the challenge of monsters and time.

“Uncle Louie can you tell me a story” said my little Rosie girl “I want it to be one with a little kid like me that fights monsters and ghouls.

“Ok Rosey girl I think I have just the story. It’s about a little boy your age and his friend Todd going on a great adventure to save themselves. Is that ok with you?”

“Yeah it sounds cool!” Rosey said happily.

“Ok good” I went and found the book It was titled THE TIME BEFORE TOMORROW and had a picture of a boy like figure with a large black and gassy looking monster in front of the boy. The spine of the book had one of my favorite authors J.L.B Stories. “Ok are you ready for the story?”

 “Yes Uncle Louie I'm ready for the story” she replied sarcastically. “So can you start reading now”

 “Alright I'll start reading” I said while laughing.


Todd and I have been best friends since my first birthday. Mom brought him in a box covered in paper. After, I got him out we played together every day. Then one night Todd brought me the dark little room within my room. He said it was called a closet. We went in and I was scared. But Todd urged me to come. You see Todd loved adventures so he wanted to see what was inside. I followed him into the closet and that's how our story begins.

There we were, in the darkest end of the closet Todd had told me at all cost stay aware of my surroundings when in there. Now Todd he was… well let's say unique. He was very intelligent but lost. Lost in his imagination which could be good at times and horrible in others. It was rather useless right now, but he helped provide light and comforted me when I was scared. All my “friends” called me a baby that is good for nothing. That all I cared about was Todd. Although it was meen it was true, I did only care for Todd and I was a good for nothing baby but what they didn't see was that I am strong  and I am smart. Now I have to prove it to save Todd, to save me.  Todd got clipped on a branch and had lost some of stuffing. So if I don’t hurry then Todd might die, but if I go fast the Boogie man might see us.

The Boogie man was tall, extremely thin and a kind of ink black substance. The worst part is he was not a man at all he was a smelly sticky creature which seemed to be made of tar. Todd told me you can’t stare at him or else he will sense you. When Todd got hurt, we were in the old Tree house. The Boogie man was near and Todd sacrificed himself to save me. I could have done something. Only if I…. only if I would have let the Boogie man take me then no one would get hurt. Not mom, Joe, or Todd.They would all be ok.  Now back to the task on hand, the boogie man was right behind us and I had no light to scare him off. All I could do was run and so that's what I did. The boogie man was much faster and more agile but I was smaller. I could fit in small places where he could not. He charged and I ducked under a bookshelf and we lost him. It would not be long before he found us again so we had to find the safest way back. Even if that meant going through the old playground.

The playground was dark and scary. It was big. Bigger than most I've seen. It was untreated and uncared for. But my music box was there and for some reason he seemed to be afraid of it. The bad thing about going that way is that it is the longest path. We could go through the dark forest but the young lady lives there and I don't want to wake her.

“Who is the young lady uncle louie?” said Rosey

“We’re getting to that” I told her


She gets grumpy when someone wakes her. She is a pale white and seemed to be as young as me. She looked like the girl from school. You know the one with the mask. What am I saying…. of course you don’t. It’s like she is not even there to most people. She always sits in the back because she is afraid of being bullied. Afraid of the words people will say. Maybe that's why she is always so upset when she is awake. But it’s even worse when you talk to her. She starts crying and won't stop. But it’s not like any cry. It’s so sad and filled with sorrow. It’s the kind of cry that will make you go insane.

(SMASH) What was that. (BOOM CRASH) The trees were falling in around us. (SNAP) Sticks and branches were flying. It felt like the story of Chicken Little. You know “The sky is falling the sky is falling” but this time it was all too real. (SMACk) A big branch fell on Todd. Then everything stopped falling. I tried to get the branch off Todd. It was much bigger than I was. It was about four feet tall and eight inches wide. I can’t imagine how todd felt. He was only about the size of my chest and with that branch on top of him. Good thing he is very squishy. It took about fifteen minutes to get the branch off him but it was just enough time before the boogie man found us. The music box broke when the trees started falling and now we had nothing to protect us from him. Todd’s comforting glow still didn’t work. And it won't tell I get home and can fix Todd. I had to be quiet. I stuck my nose into the ground and covered my face so he could not see me. He had eyes but could only see other eyes. “Peek-a-boo…. where are you” said the boogie man in a deep dark voice. Soon he gave up and left but I made sure I stayed down for about five more minutes to make sure he left. Soon we made it back and Jarry welcomed us.

You can’t see Jarry’s face all you can see is his trench coat and his bright white eyes. “Hello there Toddsworth” said Jarry in his deep emotionless voice “What brings you here.”

“First off it’s Worth!” I was quite rude but I liked Worth more than Toddsworth by a long shot “secondly Todd is hurt and I need your help.” I don't think he understood me because he then said

“do you mean your teddy.” Now that made me mad. Todd is not just a teddy he is my friend.

“Fine don’t help. Can you atleast give me a place to hide.” I replied to him rather annoyed. At that point I didn’t expect him to help. Yet he did. Without saying a word he gradually opened his trench coat. Then as soon as a blink of an eye he covered us. In a matter of minutes we were at the playhouse. I did not know why he brought me here. I urged him to tell me for about a hour but all he said was

“The six special items must be sacrificed before tomorrow.” It was  midnight. There was now a strange glow around mom's broken music box.

“You put it in the furnace” Todd said suddenly. Jarry must have fixed him on the way here. Well I did what he said and put it in the furnace then I shut it and he started cranking a lever. After it was done I opened the furnace and grabbed out a bright blue stone. The touch of it made a cold shiver go down my spine. Todd told me it was the Stone of Hope and there were five more like it. He said there was comfort,memories, the lost, wisdom, and fear. He told me to put the Stone of Hope in the bottom slot of the big door on the back of the playhouse. It started glowing a comforting light. It looked like the gateway to Heaven but in the depths of Hell.

 “Uncle Louie will they get all the stones before tomorrow?” Rosey asked.

 “I don't know I guess I'll just have to Keep reading”


As Todd and I walked through the gateway a sparkly subsistence covered Todd and when it left him he was as clean as a freshly washed blanket. So clean, soft, and warm that I wouldn't put him down. Then Todd’s glow started working again. I would have just sat there all day but I had to get back to the task on hand. There was a nicely paved trail with big green trees and many different flowers lining it. I could hear my mother's sweet voice in the distance. Then I heard my little pup Jaymie's cute bark. After what seemed like an hour of walking I realized I was just walking in circles. Then I checked the time it had never changed. Todd and I both realized then that the comfort was a lie. In the distance I saw a old abandoned house that looked alot like my house. We walked over to it and I saw a little piece of a old baby blanket. I grabbed it and it was wordes even I can’t explain. At that moment I noticed that the blanket was Joe’s. He never uses it now that he is ten but he always kept it close. He said it helped him find his happy place. He is much older than me but he trust me with information like that. You know like the kind of stuff you don’t tell people. What's the word im looking for…. Seekrets! He believed that I would never tell anyone his seekrets. Thats probly why we were so close. But know he is gone. He left with the boogie man when I was two and I  never got to see him again. So we got back and looked at the time. We were in there for four hour. Now we only have twenty hours left. Which at the time it seemed like a long time. Now that we were back and we had to put the piece of blanket in the furnace. I pulled the stone out and it was as pink as a pink rose. It was like hearing someone's voice that you haven't heard in years. So as you can guess we went to the door in the back of the play house. Todd told me to put it by the Stone of Hope. I slid the Stone of Comfort in the slot to the left of the Stone of Hope. The

gateway opened. It was a mixture of happy and bad feelings. It was  bright yellow with a dark blue. “I have a bad feeling about this Worth. What if something goes wrong.” Todd said to me very concerned. I discussed with him that if he wants to go home then we need to get all of the stones. He understood me and then we went through the gate.

It was dark and gloomy. Mom and the Boogie Man were fighting then the Boogie Man slapped mom. I couldn't watch no more so I covered my eyes and ears then ran. It got really dark and Todd was still as soft and cuddly as ever so I squeezed him tight and just relaxed. I did not even notice but I shrunk and everything else was gigantic. I was like a mouse in a house full of cats. It felt like around every corner there was danger lurking. Waiting To get us. But things were getting better the further we went in. All of the bad memories went away and the good ones came following in. Soon I noticed there was way more good memories than bad one. I was really close to the boogie man at one point. But things change and I don't want to get into any details. Soon I found Boogie Man giving me Todd but the memory stopped and started glowing. I walked up to it. Then for a minute I just stood there. “Come On  take him.”the Boogie Man was saying so quietly “I promise he will take care of you. No Matter what happens.” I now decided that the Boogie Man not so bad. He took care of me but mom said he hates me. But Where was the special item. Suddenly Todd popped out from around the corner with a ball of stuffing. I was shocked

“TODD what happened!”

Todd replied “I was just doing what your dad said. Worth he loved you then. Why wouldn't he love you now? On a more disappointing matter we need to go so we can get home.” Well we got back and the first thing Todd did was climb in the furnace. Then he shut it. He told me to crank the lever. I Hesitated but I did as he said and cranked it. When I opened it back up Todd was gone and there was a heart shaped stone. The stone of memory. I put it in the top slot of the door. The gate opened once again but now I was alone.

Same As every other time I walked through the gate and ended up somewhere else. This place was a dark and lonely. It seemed to be a old abandoned town but some reason I felt like I was being watch. Suddenly a glowing light appeared in front of me. “Hello young child. What brings you to the city of lost.” Said a orb in a little girl's voice.

“Umm what is the city of the lost” I responded very concerned for my own self being.

“Why this place is a the place where all things lost go and we are the lost soles”. It responded hesitantly and in a man's voice.

“What do you mean we. As far as I can tell There is only one of you” I said back.

“Yus child is a waste of our time. Now let us leave my lady” It seemed it was arguing with itself but with many voices.

“NOW MR.OSBORN HOW COULD YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT. This boy could be our ticket out.”

“Your ticket out?” I asked questionably. After that she or he or umm it heard what I said then it vanished. Well as I went on I saw a big oak tree. I went up to it and just sat. When I fell asleep that feeling came back. The feeling of being watched. As my sleep went on strange things kept happening all of the memories I lost came back to me. it…. It was like feeling the pain of loosing someone you love then having no one to lean on. It felt like living the life I live now was not worth all the effort I put into it. But todd went through everything to keep me safe. So I went on.

“Will Todd be ok Uncle louie?”

“Yes Todd will be fine Rosey”

“Ok good I was worried”

“I was to miss Rosey but Todd is strong. Now can I keep reading”

“Yes please”

As I got up to walk away a horse like creature kept walking back and forth. I decided to walk up to it and pet it on the nose. It pushed away and acted like it wanted something from me. It would go about fifteen feet away from me then wate like it wanted me to follow. So I did. Soon the horse brought me to a place full of sand like a beech but with no water and really hot weather. Suddenly the horse started talking to me.

“Hello Toddsworth I am a pooka a spirit meant to help you. Those terrible people you met earlier are The Lost. Horrible Things they are. They try to use people to be released from this prison of theirs.”

“But they seemed nice” I replied.

“NO! Now listen to me in order to stop them is to eliminate them and the only way to do that is to….” The horse then just stopped talking.

“To what!” I said impatiently.

“To forget them. you need to forget who they are” The horse said back.

“But I barely know them. How am I supposed to forget something I don't know.” I replied.

“Go see them and know them better if you have to but make sure you forget them After that.”  Then the horse left. So I went off to find The Lost once again because I thought I had no choice. I walked into  the abandoned town hoping to see them again.

“Hello my Child we meet at last. We have heard much about you.” they all said in unison.

“Um are y... you The lost” I asked.

“Yes we are but not the one you met before. We’re the lost indeed but we and from the darkness itself.” they responded “you're looking for the sacred stone aren't you?”

“Umm sort of. How do you know?”I ask.

“The prophecy is true then. You are the boy from the land outside” One of the voices said. “We need to get you to the stone before tomorrow then. Hey crow go get the stone. Ok boy from the outside did you happen to encounter a black horse.”

“Yes… why?” I said very concerned.

“There is No time to explain. Follow us and we’ll get you to safety.” And befor I could say anything they picked me up and started going to a ruins to a old castle in the distance. Once we got to the ruins one of the lost of the night yelled out to the lost I saw before.

“shut the gate the Pooka is coming!”

“Give the boy the stone!” The crow screamed. They put the stone in my hands and then dragged me into the back of the castle. The crow then told me “Kid close your eyes” so I did. I don't know what happened to the lost and their crow friend after that. All I did know was that I was not with them and I was safe.

Suddenly I heard a voice “Hi worth It’s me… your old pal Todd” At first I couldn't believe what I just heard but then I opened my eyes. It really was him! Without even saying a word I ran up to him and gave him a great big hug.

“But how are you… I watched you burn in the furnace”

“Jarry sacrificed himself to bring me back” Todd said. “But now we have to hurry for we only have four hours left”.

So we went and put the stone of the Lost in its slot. We went through it and the place was hot and dark. It also had big stones shaped like crosses and statues shaped like people with wings. “We seem to be in the town graveyard” Todd said

“Whats a grave-yard” I asked.

“It's a place where the deceased are buried and were ghost and ghouls lurk at night” He replied.

We walked through the old graveyard for about an hour looking for stone but could not find it. There were broken bottles everywhere and it seemed to be endless. (Creek)The ground changed into wood then the rest of the of a church formed. It got really cold and I was scared but Todd was there and he comforted me. Monsters seemed to be everywhere and they were little creatures about my size. All the doors were shut except one And that door was to the basement. You see I am too small to reach the doorknob so I could only go through doors that are open. There was no where else to go so we went to the basement. It was the worst mistake I've ever made. The pooka was there and we were soon surrounded.

“Did you really think you could escape us” one of the pooka said “And it looks like you got yourself a little friend”

“You can't do anything to us” replied Todd “You are just a nightmare”

Todd started running toward them and pulled me along. We ran right through one of them like it wasn't even there. At that moment I realized that todd was right they are just nightmares. One of them grabbed me but I was no longer scared so it just slipped off. Then that moment when I lost Todd appeared in front of me. Then I said I wasn't scared and It just stopped then a glass bottle appeared we took the bottle to the play house. We put it in the furnace shut it then cranked it. Out came the last stone. We took it and put it in the slot of the gate.

Then I could see my room. We walked through it and went straight to the living room to see if we could find mom. There she was on the ground with a bunch of bottles. I tried to give her a hug but she pushed me away. Then I heard the front door open and I went to go see what it was. It was…. Dad. He came back and gave me a great big hug. He was talking to mom about something. He came back to me and said “come on Toddsworth it's time to go. And you still have your teddy. I hope he's been taking care of you.”

Then I told him what his name was “Todd”

“So you named him Todd. good name. Come on let's go to dads.”


“And as Toddsworth comes to journey's end sadly so does our story for tonight miss Rosey. Did you like it?”

“I loved it. It was great, can you read me another about Worth and his friend tomorrow night”

 “Will do kidow now get to bed”

 “Ok goodnight Uncle Louie” Rosey said with a pout.



Submitted: December 12, 2016

© Copyright 2022 Forever and always. All rights reserved.

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