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Submitted: January 21, 2007

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Submitted: January 21, 2007



To be loved, and yet, unwanted.

To be Forgiven, and yet, forgotten.

To be had, yet never held.

To be sad, yet never cry.

To be happy, yet never a chance to live.

To be cherished, yet always lonely.

To be admired, yet always ridiculed.

To be hidden, and yet, never seeked.

To be grown, yet still a student of the lessons life has to offer.

To be free, yet also a prisoner in my own life.

To be harmonious, and yet, without a melody.

To be raised, yet still so small.

To be forsaken, yet never to forsake.

To be portrayed, yet not picturesque.

To be thoughtful, yet never thought of.

To be compromised, yet never in control.

To be composed, and yet, without a composer.

To be directed, yet still no director.

To be believed, yet always made out to be the liar.

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