Where I'm From...

Poem by: Forever Together




Submitted: March 06, 2007

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Submitted: March 06, 2007



I am from booksmarts.

(the smarts that wouldn't help you at all on the streets.)

I'm from the loved and lost.

(and loved again.)

I'm from the birds and the bees.

From North Carolina, all the way to Pennsylvania.


I'm from many nationalities.

(the English, the Irish, the Italian, the French, the Swedish, and the Cherokee)

I'm from cats and dogs.

From the cherished and forgotten.

From the believed and the liars.

I am from bridges,

(high over canals)


I am from teachers.

I'm from rednecks and wannabees.

(never a queen bee)

I'm from culture.

(the type that's yet to be invented)

I'm from the admired and the ridiculed.

not to mention the picturesque and the lonely.

I'm from broken bits of hope and happiness.


I am from peace and war.

from the had and never held.

I'm from sandboxes.

(Filled with sand and water)

I'm from swings.

(Ones that I usually fell out of)


I'm from stories and sidewalk scrapings.

from the directed and the composed.

the broken and bent.

I'm from the sane and insane.

(A new calm, a new maniacal)


I am from the filthy and washed.

From the sit down and the shut ups!

and the you better listen to me!

I'm from sadness.

The covered up and lonely.

I'm from the hidden.


I'm from the ripped and mended.

From the stitches my great-grandmother taught me to make

I am from the divine and the forgiven.

From the father I have sinned,  Please forgive me.


I'm from the Fords and Dodges.

I'm from Hondas and Toyotas

I'm from Rascal Flatts.

From Lindsay Lohan and Rupert Grint

I'm form Titanic and Leo DiCaprio

I never was from comics

(for they seldom interested me)

But I'm from Harry Potter

(Cute as he can be)


I am from Romeo and Juliet.

From the secret love to the

tragic life.

I'm from weeds on hills.

From roses and tulips to

Sunflowers and dasies.


I'm from snow.

Not the mountain-top kind,

but the city kind.

I'm from the cabbage patch.

(so my mom said)

I'm from baby bumpkins, My favorite baby doll.


I am from singers.

those of joy, hope, hope and sadness.

I am from tools.

(tools of trade and fixing)

I am from the labeled.

( the goth, prep, and weird)

I'm from the forsaken.

I am from the alone.

I'm from singles.

I am from couples.

This is me.

This is where I'm from.





© Copyright 2017 Forever Together. All rights reserved.

Where I'm From... Where I'm From...

Status: Finished

Genre: Memoir



Status: Finished

Genre: Memoir



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