The Jump That Changed Me

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I'm sick and tired of this, i'm sick of the constant name calling and constant tripping.
Every day in some way i fall, yesterday the fall ended in a food fight....I just can't take it anymore I just don't want to. But before i go my FULL, ENTIRE, NO SECRETS, story will be told....

Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012



altThe Jump That Changed Me

It's not like i meant to be a complete loser. I'm.....just me is there anything you can do about that? I can't change me, and if some one asks me to I tell them to "FUCK OFF" In all those movies it's the ugly bitches as the popular kids and pretty young girls as the victim, I wouldn't call myself pretty but practically everyone else would.

I'm Olivia, but you can call me Olive. I am a Stuart, My dad exterminates bugs, My mom works in a barber shop......and this is my no bullshit story.

I go to a hell hole of a high school and it's called Non-Devil high, funny huh? It's a catholic school and apparently all of the good names were already taken.

The popular girls or the bitches clique are Madison Locket, Charlotte Jones, and the DEVIL Taylor Mitch. If you ever approach them you better be dating one of the hottest guys and be wearing the tinniest skirt ever.

Yes I know your thinking, but it's catholic school you should have uniforms....Well our school wasted it's money on lockers with a key code that you type in. Yes i like them but they hack into the schools computers and delete EVERYTHING, and this has happened more then once.

The First Day

I walked in side the school trying not to see the people giving me dirty looks. I wore a grey v-neck with plain blue shorts. It's the first day and people try to look there best, but not me, no matter what i wear.....I'm the school nerd. Can't change that, it's my DESTINY! I'm walking down the hall that leads to my locker when Taylor, Madison and Charlotte unexpectedly turns down this hall too.

"Crap, crap, crap what do i do??" I think

Before they can see me i slam myself into the nearest lockers. They don't hear the loud slam there to indulged in there nails and hair and so they walk by.

"Thank god" I think

I continue to walk down the hall and find locker 1360 I type in the keypad my code 24-14-28 and it snaps open. It's blue on the outside but it has green on the inside. I hang my coat up, I put my books on the shelf and put my mirror on the small ledge on the door.

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