Daughter of Sin

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Are little girls really innocent of all sins? Is it possible for such a young girl to be pure evil? In this case Abigail(8yrs) was evil, pure evil. She had the power to commit a mass murder, all without getting caught. This is the story of one of Abigail's Horrific Murders.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011




'Sirens, I Hear Sirens…',Abigail Thought to herself. She couldn’t see, but she knew her eyes were shut. She also knew that she was laying down…In a pool of sticky thick liquid. Blood. 
Abigail was 8 year old. A pool of blood was no place for such a young child. She recalled being asleep for … a long time, possibly hours. As time passed she started remembering what happened in the past few hours.
“Father…sent me on a mission…”
Her eyes shot open realizing what her task had been.
Abigail looked around, it was pitch black as she predicted. She felt around for a wall, but then her finger tip every so lightly touched something…Cold…rock solid…something simply without a heartbeat. She screamed bloody murder once she figured out what she had just laid her hand on.
The Sirens that had been going on since she woke up got louder. They were coming for her. Any time now. Abigail knew she had no more time to fiddle about so she felt around and felt a gun brush against the side of her hand.
“Oh my…God…What have…I Done?!”
There was blood everywhere as Abigail felt walking around. Finally she found a light switch and flicked it on. Looking around her…It was a Massacre…a ton of blood surrounded the dead body she had discovered earlier. It was almost too much to take. The smell of the blood. The scene in front of her eyes was completely disturbing and unsightly. 
She Observed the corpse. It was the vessel of the local Priest who ran the church. His eyes Gorged out, Lips stitched together, hands burnt, and in his right hand was a broken cross necklace. She Finally looked at his chest. The Sign of the devil had been carved into this chest.
This murder scene had looked like it’d be in a horror movie, None of it looked real.
Suddenly, Quietly, a black smoky figure appeared.
“Father…”, Abigail said dropping to the hard wooden floor.
“Take me home.”
The black figure nodded and set a blue flame that came from it’s hand on the floor to burn the church they had been in up to show who was behind it. It then went  to it’s daughter, Abigail and drew her in close. Then as fast as the smoky black figure came, it left, with it’s daughter.  Abigail. The Daughter Of the Devil.

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