LORD By: Ashley

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Aaron a 19 year old boy discovers something horrific at a satanic ritual site, He finds a satanic bibles and reads it, it inspires him to buy a Ouija board and bring it back to the site. Mean while his homosexual friend who he lives with, Mitchell is in love with him, even though Mitchell fully understands that Aaron is a Straight, STRAIGHT up man whore. The Ouija board attracts evil spirits to Aaron and he becomes possessed and overtime the demons power grows and feeds off Aaron's painful past and Anger he has in the present.
This story is a Paranormal, romantic horror. Hard to put together but worth it.

Three young adults; Aaron, Mitchell, &Robyn.
Aaron is of the age of 19, He’s the oldest out of the three, as well as the tough one who tends to make unreasonable decisions and get’s in trouble quite often, He had a family until the age of 15, His older brother Trent, his mother Adrienne, and his father Jacob all died the same night. There was a fire in their home while Aaron was at a friends house. Their house was in the middle of the woods so nobody knew it was on fire, except for the drunken idiot campers who set the fire to the house. When Aaron found out, that’s when he lost his faith & Aaron vowed that if he ever met those men face to face that he would happily make them pay. Since at the time he was a minor he had to go and live with his Uncle who didn’t really supervise him. As expected Aaron had been rebellious and was baring a pent up hatred.
Mitchell, age 19, only a few months younger than Aaron, had met Aaron at College, they weren’t in the same classes but they knew each other threw dorm parties. Eventually Aaron and Mitchell became forever best friends even though they were completely different. Mitchell was more of a sweet heart than a badass. Mitchell always did what he was told…at least everything that was reasonable unless he was persuaded to by Aaron. He was raised in a just about normal home with his grandparents. He never really knew his birth-mother since she died during child birth, and his father left before he was 2. It didn’t really effect Mitchell as the absence of parents did for Aaron. Awhile after becoming best friends ,Aaron and Mitchell moved into a small two bedroom apartment together 5 miles from campus.
Robyn, very mature compared to her two best friends. She’s a year younger, 18. Her first introduction with Aaron & Mitchell was at the Summer annual carnival held at the town’s community center. Robyn first met Aaron when he tried to hit on her and take her home which he failed at since he was highly drunk, She met Mitchell because he came up to her apologizing for Aaron’s intoxicated behavior. Her roll in the three way friend ship was settling down Aaron when he was upset and stopping the boys from doing something stupid since Mitchell can be slightly influenced by Aaron. Robyn’s conclusion about this relationship was that Aaron was the child and Mitchell was the little brother who did what his older sibling did, That left Robyn as the mother. The only biggest gigantic mistake Robyn has ever done was letting the boys shoot off rockets in the woods…
Chapter 1: Discovery
“Guys this isn’t a good idea, flammable wood, and rockets, are you serious? How is this remotely safe?”, Robyn said trying to persuade them not to go forward with their plan.
“Sorry Robyn, Aaron said It would be fun, but you’re putting up a nice argument”, Mitchell smiled back at Robyn who was behind him.
In front of the two was Aaron; tall, dark hair, green eyed, slim, fair skin, intimidating to those who didn’t know him. He was usually a bad influence on Mitchell who’s 19 but younger then him by 3 months but still Robyn who was 18 and still in high school was more mature then them both.
“Don’t be such a downer, we’re going to be FINE, just relax and try NOT acting like you’re our mother, you’re 18, not 38”, Aaron smirked, “And 18’s a great age”, He winked at her.
Robyn sighed and said, “ How long are you going to try and hit on me? We’ve known each other about a year and you still try and go after me”
“Aaron, She’s barely legal for you”, Mitchell pointed out.
Aaron turned around and blankly lied, “ I’m NOT into her, I’m just teasing her since she’s our little small fry”.
“Just lead the way, ‘player’” Robyn sounded disgusted.
Eventually The three of them reached an opening in the woods. Aaron set up the first rocket which went off smoothly and came down about a couple yards from them. The Second rocket was a dud at first.
“Crap, These costs so much and ones a dud? What a waste.” Aaron Complained.
“I’ll fix it, It’s an easy fix, something’s just misplaced I think”, Mitchell offered.
“Go at it, man”
Within a minute or two he had it fixed and ready to go. Mitchell set it off, the rocket went higher and further away then they expected.
“I’ll go get it!” Mitchell said heading into the direction the rocket fell.
“Don’t leave me with him! I know you won’t try and seduce me”, Robyn shouted at him.
“Feisty, I like”, Aaron smirked.
Aaron started walking down the path leading to the landing spot of the rocket. It was about a mile west from where they were shooting off. Within a few minutes he found the rocket, but decided to walk a bit further just to see if there was anything unique. Aaron got what he wanted, Unique.
“Holy…”, Aaron stared at the open area in awe.
The small opening in the woods had a hut … on the sides of the hut drawn in what seemed to be blood, were pentagrams. Right away Aaron knew he had stumbled upon a ritual site. Aaron walked around the rest of the hut, he discovered several animal corpses.
“Oh God! How can something smell so bad?” He said examining the bodies.
He proceeded to the inside of the hut…
Aaron was completely speechless, he couldn’t even have acted appalled, what he discovered was a dead body hanging from the top of the hut’s ceiling of a man in his late 30’s, the man obviously committed suicide. Something on the floor caught Aaron’s sight. It was a Satanic bible, He never did believe in Voodoo or any religion but the bible some how interested him. He quickly picked it up, no longer acknowledging the dead body hanging, and started scrolling through the pages. Then Aaron dropped the book to the floor, Mitchell’s voice called his name had made him jump, he quickly put the book on the inside of his coat in the inside pocket and started to sprint back.
Once Aaron met back up with Robyn and Mitchell he immediately explained everything.
“We have to call the police! Do you have your phone Robyn?! I left mine at…”
“Whoa, Aaron SLOW DOWN, What happened?”, Robyn tried calming him down.
“You look like you’ve seen a dead body”, Mitchell commented.
Aaron didn’t answer but just gave Mitchell a look telling him that’s exactly what happened.
“Oh My God! Seriously?! Hold on I’m calling the police!”, Robyn Panicked.
“Come on Aaron, sit down, we can’t do anything but wait, It’ll be fine…”, Mitchell comforted Aaron.
“I Don’t need you to pity me for what I saw!”, Aaron Barked causing Robyn to look over and make Mitchell jump.
For awhile Mitchell and Aaron were dead silent while Robyn talked to the police in person. Then a detective called Aaron over to question him about what happened.
“Why were you near those grounds? What business did you have going there?” , the strict looking detective asked.
“We…were shooting rockets off, and one was a dud at first them my friend Mitchell over there fixed it and we tried it out and it ended up going further then expected”, Aaron explained.
“Thanks, we’ll take it from here.”
Aaron went to sit back down by Mitchell when the Bible fell out of his coat, He quickly bent over and picked it up hoping nobody saw, but the rest of the time Mitchell kept looking at Aaron suspiciously.
Robyn came over after the police left with the ambulance.
“You two okay? Seems intense over here…”
Aaron looked away, Mitchell just shrugged.
“Well my dad is coming to get me, you two better get out of here…he’s pretty pissed about me hanging out with two older guys alone in the woods…It sounds a bit sketchy I admit…“,Robyn smiled at Aaron trying to get him to cheer him up, but didn’t look like it did much, at least they both walked her to the wood entrance.
After Robyn was gone and they were in the car driving home Aaron turned to Mitchell, “Sorry man for snapping at you, you know how I have those outbursts of anger when I’m freaked.”
“It’s cool, no feelings hurt”, Mitchell reassured and smiled a bit.
“Don’t get too happy, I’m straight”, Aaron joked as usual.
Mitchell laughed back at the joke made about his sexuality, but was still a bit suspicious of what Aaron might be hiding…
Chapter two: Secrets
The boys finally got home. Robyn’s father ended up calling Mitchell lecturing him through Robyn’s phone while driving. Aaron found it hilarious and was just laughing at Mitchell the whole way to their apartment. As soon as they got home Aaron started acting suspiciously again, he just went straight to his room and closed the door without even eating. He stayed there for several hours, until Mitchell had enough of this weird vibe. Mitchell eventually walked straight into Aarons Room.
“What the hell are you doing?! Can’t you see the door was closed? I Was doing an essay!”, Aaron shouted.
Mitchell sat on an office chair, “What happened really at that ritual area? You’re hiding something from me and I want to know.”
Aaron just starred at him for a bit trying to come up with a witty comeback, so he said “You’re acting like we’re a couple! You don’t need to know everything about my life. Nothing happened anyway, I saw a dead body, how am I supposed to react? Like I got a freaking puppy?”
Mitchell just looked at him.
“Are we seriously having this conversation? If you want to know what happened just go there yourself. Nothings going to happen, like nothing DID happen!”, Aaron argued.
Finally Mitchell counter acted, “Why do I put up with you pushing me around? I Asked a simple question and you get hostile! I HIGHLY Suggest signing up for Anger management seriously!”, Then Mitchell walked out. When The door closed Aaron just ended up throwing a book at the door in an attempt to hit Mitchell.
A couple hours later once Aaron knew Mitchell was asleep he took out that satanic bible he had picked up. He started reading verses out load quietly to himself. He found the words in the book interesting, that’s when he got a brilliant idea that in the morning he would pitch to Mitchell assuming he wouldn’t be totally pissed at him. Aaron stashed the book under his bed, hopefully nobody would find it, if they did it would be hard to explain.
First thing in the morning Aaron woke up to the smell of Eggs. He slowly almost zombie like walked into the kitchen. Mitchell of course like every morning was making eggs.
“Morning sleeping beauty”, Mitchell who was showered, hair fixed and dressed teased with a friendly smile.
All Aaron could think was, ‘ Why isn’t he pissed at me? Really, why does he put up with me? He’s such a nice person, while I’m rotten…’, On the outside Aaron just smiled and sat down.
“So…What’s your plans for today?”, Mitchell asked throwing out his trash.
“Does it look like I know?”, Aaron said pointing out his obvious Pajama pants.
Mitchell just chuckled. Aaron was now the one wondering what was up with Mitchell, he’s never this much of a morning person, he is a morning person but never like this.
“You meeting anybody today? Meaning a male?”, Aaron asked in a teasing ‘Oooh-you-have-a-boyfriend’ way that 12 year old girls do.
Mitchell’s response was “Nah, you want to hang out? That is if you’ve made up your mind on weather you’re going to get dressed or not”
“I guess, I was going to ask to hang out with you anyway”, Aaron laughed, but then noticed Mitchell’s face blush bright red. “You know your face is red as a strawberry, right?”
Mitchell turned around facing the stove and said “I’m blushing about the fact you’re acting like a middle school prep girl about the boyfriend thing”
“Whatever you say Mitchell, what ever you say”.
Aaron got up and went to his room to get dressed.
After about an hour Aaron finally got dressed an ready.
“Ready to go?”, Mitchell asked impatiently.
“Yeah but before we leave I need to ask you for something”
Aaron and Mitchell sat down on the couch.
“Uh, I don’t know what to say, I need to tell you something important.”, Aaron said slowly.
Mitchell kept eye contact, he looked worried.
Aaron carried on, “ So I had the idea that maybe we could get a Ouija board?…And go back to the ritual site…”
“What? No Way-”, Mitchell noticed the look on Aaron’s face. The Sincere face, worse then the puppy dog eyes… that face made Mitchell do anything for him, “Fine Aaron, I’ll come with you.”
“Great! Just one rule: No telling Robyn, she’ll kick my ass”
Mitchell nodded. Off to the Voodoo store they went.
Chapter Three: Voodoo
Mitchell always questioned why he did stuff for Aaron, even though he clearly knows why . Nobody but Robyn knows his feelings for Aaron. That’s why she’s always turns Aaron down in a rude way, not only because she really wasn’t like that. Mitchell knew that he’d never have the chance to be with Aaron, Aaron was a STRAIGHT Straight up man whore. Mitchell gets really hurt when Aaron makes jokes about being together or when he jokes around about how I can’t have him ,even though he is oblivious to Mitchell’s feelings. The main reason Mitchell decided to go with Aaron to the woods was because He felt safe with him, and being alone with Aaron was awkward, but It felt good.
“Hey! Fruitcake, Earth to Mitchell!”, Aaron shouted.
“Huh?! What?”
“ You’re smart Mitchell…You know how to use this?”
Mitchell sighed, “ Here…”
“You should teach me a thing or two, I’ll be screwed when exams come, hopefully you’ll be open for tutoring?”, Aaron smiled.
There was that charming smile that could lure any women in, except Mitchell wasn’t a women, he was just a fish in a catch of crabs.
‘Why is he such a unintentional heartbreaker?’
Mitchell nodded.
Soon the two of them had the Ouija Board set up. They sat right in front of the hut. As soon as they put their hands on the small triangle a strong vibe came upon Aaron. Aaron looked like he was in extreme pain, he gripped his skull and curled up into a ball on the ground. Mitchell rushed to Aaron’s Aid. Suddenly Aaron looked better.
“Aaron?! You are you okay? What happened?”
“You’re questioning me again Mitch-”, Aaron staggered to his feet and raced to the wood where he unpleasantly threw up. Once again Mitchell ran to Aaron’s aid, helped him hold his hair out of his face.
After a few minutes of uncontrollably puking Aaron turned to Mitchell, “Thanks man. I Probably would have just drowned in my own puke and saliva if you weren’t here.”
Mitchell’s expression went to disgusted, “Nice to know…C’mon we have to get back, Are you okay to drive? Starbucks maybe?”
“Fo’ Sho’ Nigga!”, Aaron Jokingly said doing his impersonation of a gangster.
“You’re going to get killed by a gang one day…I swear…but It looks like you’re regular Aaron..”
“I’m anybody the women want me to be”, Aaron said.
Stab to Mitchell’s heart.
Chapter Four: The Unleashed
Aaron ended up puking 3 times on the way to Startbucks, but he still insisted he was okay to go. Stubborn guy.
They met Robyn at Starbucks, Mitchell had already explained that Aaron was sick over the phone to her. He was leaving the rest of the explaining to Aaron.
Once at Starbucks…
“What the hell were you thinking?! Aaron you can’t drive in your condition…You could have crashed!”, Robyn Lectured him.
Aaron, trying to be slick said, “Feisty”. In Return he got a hard smack on the face. It Surprised Mitchell, Aaron, and even Robyn. Aaron suddenly got upset…
“What the hell was I thinking? Who the hell are you to be lecturing me! You’re 18, barely an adult. How about you hang out with people your own age on the playground. If I annoy you So much, why do you hang out with me? You know what?! How About you just get your Ass out of here!”, almost everybody sitting around the Three were staring at them, but Aaron didn’t care.
Tears swelled up in Robyn’s eyes, She got up quickly and left. Now everybody was staring.
“What are you staring at?”, Aaron shouted, He had such anger in his eyes, he barely looked like Aaron.
Mitchell looked at Aaron, and looked in the direction Robyn went. He followed Robyn.
“Stay here Aaron.”, Mitchell said strictly, this time Aaron kept his mouth shut.
A Couple minutes Mitchell came back to the table.
“Nice, you made that ‘18 year old kid’ cry. Aaron you’re almost twenty…in a few months, not to get you mad but…you need to man up, getting angry so easily isn’t acceptable, one day you’ll get angry and I won’t be here…you’re going to get yourself either hurt or just in huge trouble.”
“Telling me to man up?”, Aaron said strictly again, but not as loud as he did with Robyn. “ You’re the Fruity one, the one who’s always hiding behind me. I act like I’m your protector! Maybe you need to stop being such a wuss.”
Knife through Mitchell’s heart.
Mitchell was once again speechless.
“See, you know I’m righ-”, Aaron started when a teasing voice from a couple feet away said, “Awh The Orphan is fighting with his Loser boyfriend, How cute!”
Aaron turned around immediately and said with a cold look, “If you’re going to pick on someone pick on me.”
The voice belonged to a Jock with his football friends from Aaron and Mitchell’s College league. The jocks laughed.
“Okay…Chicky.”, The Jock laughed with his buds. “ You and your bum buddy should probably be on your way to your apartment, It’s rude to fight with your lover in public”
That pushed Aaron over the edge. He went after the jock. Within a blink Aaron got the jock pinned to the ground and was punching him straight in the face repeatedly. None of the jocks did anything for their friend, they looked extremely scared. Then Mitchell noticed the jock was out cold…and was bleeding from his nose, Then Aaron drew blood, a lot. Then you heard a horrible cracking noise, the jocks nose. That’s when Mitchell went to drag Aaron off of him, he succeeded in doing so. Mitchell managed to drag Aaron all the way into an ally, he didn’t put much of a fight up, and the cold killer expression he had on that scared Mitchell to death was finally gone. The Demon gained more power.
Chapter Five: Surprise, Surprise! A Twist!
Suddenly after the look of a killer dropped from Aaron’s face, he got a huge headache again and dropped to the ground once more. This time no puking. Mitchell decided to hit down next to him, having no clue what was happening to his best friend. Soon Aaron’s pain ended. Aaron looked at Mitchell.
“I think I thank you too much Mitchell”
“Always appreciated to be of help”, Mitchell replied.
“Did you really have all that anger because they were picking on me…or do you hate the idea that people might see us as a couple by mistake?”, Mitchell asked sincerely.
Mitchell’s facial expression lifted a bit in joy…then fell again when Aaron said, “…Of course I hate the fact that I’m being seen as gay. Most straight men would.”
Heart smashed with a hammer.
“…And The fact he called me an Orphan, I was close to being one, but I wasn’t”, Aaron explained.
“What…do you mean?”
“Well when I was 15, my parents and older brother Trent died in a house fire. We lived in the middle of the woods so nobody noticed the house being in flames. The fire started because some drunken idiot campers about a mile away from the house had matches and gasoline. I was at a friends house…I didn’t know what happened until I got home, nobody knew, my Friends mother called the police. I was still a minor, so I had to live with my Uncle, who didn’t give two craps about me, I was unsupervised the rest of my life. So I guess that’s your answer to why I am the way I am.”, Aaron’s eyes were wet. “I Vowed that I would personally give the people who filled my family hell if I ever saw them walking street, they’ll regret they were born, they screwed my life up…”
Mitchell wanted to tear up over what her was hearing. This had been the most serious thing he’s heard out of Aarons mouth since they met. Now Mitchell decided to tell Aaron that his mother died during child birth, and then his father ran out on him, and the whole story. This was actually a heart to heart.
After awhile Mitchell and Aaron just sat there in silence. It must have been 30 minutes before One of them spoke.
“Mitchell…I’m glad I know you. I’ve never told anybody that. Thanks”
Eventually they both made eye contact. Mitchell noticed that Aaron had the most solid light green eyes he’s ever seen.
Before Either of them knew it…their lips were touching, then without realizing what was going on, Mitchell leaned in more. That’s when Aaron knew exactly what was happening. He Pulled away as fast as he could, shoved Mitchell as hard as he could, got up…They made eye contact once more.
“Piss off!”, Aaron said coldly and heartlessly and he ran out of there as fast as he could.
That finally Shattered Mitchell’s heart into several million pieces.
He called up Robyn. She was on her way.
Now It was raining, Mitchell had tears down his cheeks when Robyn arrived. She gave him a huge hug.
“Robyn…I feel like my hearts failing…”, Mitchell sobbed.
“It’s normal, it’s called heartbreak”, Robyn implied that it happens to everybody. “Great…we have an angered, lost, upset boy with anger issues on the loose”, Robyn sighed.
Chapter Six: Possession
All Aaron could think was ‘What just happened?’, even though he could fully answer that question. Aaron knew Mitchell liked him like that, but he never thought Mitchell would have the balls to do what he did. Aaron always teased him about it because he wanted Mitchell to know he knew and that it wasn’t a big deal…until Mitchell actually took action.
After running Aaron found him self in a back ally way. He looked around, it seemed pretty quiet, hopefully this place could be a place where he could just sit down and sit. He walk further back into the ally to find a group of teenagers, their ages ranging 17 to 19 except for the one short girl, she looked like she could be 16 or 15. The group of teens were obviously drinking something, something Aaron wanted to be drinking at the moment.
‘Nothing to loose’, Aaron thought, and he proceeded to walk over to the group of teens.
The back all was dark, but just dimly lighted to be able to see their faces. While Aaron was approaching them one of them, a female about Aaron’s age watched him walk up.
“ Invitation please”, She said jokingly.
Aaron smiled, “No invitation, but I guess I’ll just have to crash this…party?”
She laughed and handed him the bottle, and Of course Aaron took the offer.
About a half hour later the group of teens were piss drunk, and Aaron with his charming smile and looks was making out with the girl who he later found out her name was Anne.
After awhile Aaron’s new ‘friends’ and him went off into town. Every time they saw a cop car they would dip into a ally way. If they caught it would be horrific since one of them was a minor, and the rest of them were in college.
When Aaron and Anne got some privacy he asked her, “Want to go back to my apartment?”
She nodded. And They got a taxi, since Aaron’s car was still at Starbucks or who knows where.
Aaron’s idea would have been fine, except that Mitchell and Robyn had gone back to the Apartment. Mitchell was most definitely not ready to talk to Aaron, and Robyn was probably furious with him, but considering Aaron was piss drunk, he didn’t think of that factor. And another horrible thought, If they got into a fight, how much stronger would the Demon become since it feeds off anger and the drinking Aaron was doing left his mind and body vulnerable to a possessing spirit.
After a fifteen minute car ride they arrived at Mitchell and Aaron’s apartment. As expected Aaron came home making a ruckus. Mitchell and Robyn came out of Mitchell’s room surprised to see Aaron. Aaron barely acknowledged Robyn and Mitchell’s existence.
Mitchell could barely look at Aaron at the moment due to embarrassment.
“Robyn…Robyn…Robyn…I have a question for you, and I need you to agree”, Aaron asked, slurring his speech.
Robyn shook her head, “You’re drunk Aaron and I don’t think you should be here after what you did.”
Aaron sighed and whispered in Robyn’s ear, but the whisper was really quiet, “Hey, Lighten up, I’m just brought a extremely fit girl back here, let me have a BIT of fun.”
Out Of nowhere Mitchell said “ Have you ever thought of getting a motel possibly? I really don’t need you here right now Aaron”
Aaron told Anne to go and wait in his room.
“So now Mitchell you’re being a pussy? I thought you were all Ballsy and brave back in the ally, and for your information I left my wallet in the car, that I have no clue where it be”, Aaron responded.
Robyn went to go and tell Anne to leave.
Mitchell was silent.
“See Now you’re quiet because I intimidate you, is that it? Once I show weakness you take advantage of it.”, Aaron
“Bye Aaron”, Anne said from the door and winked at him.
Aaron waved with his charming smile and said, “Maybe later?”
She gave him a sweet smile as she walked through the door. The door shut.
Finally Mitchell said, “Why do you have to be so stubborn about things? Why must you take things to the extreme? I got the wrong idea, the wrong signals, I admit I was wrong! And yet again you take it far beyond what it is, the thing you do best! I know you’re parents died, and you had a rough upbringing but that doesn’t give you an excuse to be one of the most inconsiderate people I’ve known!”
Aaron walked out of the room into the kitchen seeming like he was trying to calm down. A couple minutes after Aaron was getting sick again, more then the last times. He finally came back into the living room where Mitchell was, but Aaron, the way he glared at Mitchell, made him seem inhuman. His eyes went from a light solid green to black.
Once Mitchell noticed the way Aaron was acting, he started backing up.
Aaron was no longer in control, the demon had fully possessed him, took advantage of his anger issues and his family past.
Suddenly Aaron lunged at Mitchell with perfect aim. He ended up pinning him to the ground. Mitchell squirmed and tried to fight back but Aaron’s strength seemed to be increased by 110%. Mitchell was helpless, Robyn had stepped out to wait with Anne to get a cab.
Out of nowhere Aaron took out a sharp knife, right when he was about to lunge it into Mitchell’s chest, something grabbed Aaron and pulled him back, luckily Mitchell didn’t get stabbed in the chest but the torso instead.
Robyn had actually saved Mitchell’s life.
Robyn turned to Aaron who was now about three yards away.
“Please, Aaron STOP!”, Robyn cried. Her hands were covered in Mitchell’s blood while he lied on the floor on the verge of life and death. Aaron’s face suddenly dropped of nothingness on his face, his expression went from looking controlled to remorse. He slowly gained control of what was obviously controlling him and he glanced down at himself, noticing he was covered in blood and noticing that his best friend was on the floor , Aaron dropped to the floor and started sobbing hysterically.
Robyn was trying to put pressure on Mitchell’s bleeding puncture wounds when she noticed Aaron stopped sobbing…, She looked over… Aaron was gone but she knew he was still in the house. This frightened her. The only things running through her mind was; What if she was next? What happens if he lost control again and can’t stop himself and ends up getting himself killed? These questions weren’t important at the moment, Mitchell’s life was at stake.
A crash came from the kitchen made Robyn jump, she looked over and saw Him; Aaron, Once again with that possessed look in his eyes, but this time two things were different, He was looking into her eyes and he had a huge shard of glass in his hand. Now He was starting towards her.
“No!” Robyn screamed right before Aaron was about to stab her.
Then, something in Aaron changed before he could move any further.
His black eyes changed to solid green again, He dropped to the floor and gripped his skull in pain, like the first time, And he started throwing up.
“KILL HIM! HE’S HUMILIATED YOU! KILL HER! SHE’S HOLDING YOU BACK!”, A Deep demonic voice channeled through Aaron.
“No! Th-they’re my friends”, Aaron was struggling to keep himself down on the ground. “ I-I can’t … Loose more! PLEASE NO MORE!”
A Loud Scream came from Aaron, “ARG…GAH…AHH!”, Then Aaron went limp, but was still breathing.
Robyn’s expression was pure terror, she hadn’t a clue what was going on, but what she did know was that she had to call an ambulance.
So she did.
The ambulance came quickly, Robyn had to explain everything, It was almost heartbreaking to rat Aaron out. They took both Aaron and Mitchell to the hospital. When Aaron woke up, he was handcuffed to his hospital bed. Next to him was Mitchell, sleeping. Aaron looked to the other side, Robyn was there, sleeping.
Robyn slowly woke up…, “Aaron! You’re awake.”
“No, I’m sleeping”, He smiled, always had the room for a smile., “Robyn…What happened? Why am I handcuffed in a hospital bed?
“Wait, you don’t remember a thing?”, Robyn asked completely taken aback
“Not at all, All I remember is coming home with a girl”
Therefore Robyn told him the whole story. The fighting, the stabbing, the possession. And In return Aaron told her about the Ouija board and going back to the ritual site. They both eventually connected the two and made the conclusion that Aaron was possessed. The next morning Mitchell woke up.
“Aaron…”, He said slowly.
“ Mitchell, I am So sorry, I should have never messed with that Ouija board! It’s all my fault, I’m so sorry, I can’t believe this is all my fault”
“Calm down Aaron, I’ll explain it all what happened. I already know you were possessed, It’s not your fault, you were curious, it was normal for a … boy like you. If anything I should be sorry, I shouldn’t have pulled what I did.”, Mitchell explained.
Robyn walked into the room with a priest.
“Aaron, I told the police that it was a suicide attempt, and that you threw up because you were drunk and couldn’t stand the site of the blood, but I got a Priest, he’s going to exercise you just to make sure it won’t happen again”, Robyn said.
Aaron agreed to do the exercise, anything that would free him from his chains. He didn’t want to risk anybody he loved life. He loved his friends, he already had too many people die in his life, it won’t happen again, and Aaron made sure of that.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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