why are you dieing?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is a poem that i wrote for my aunt who is dieing of cancer after i just found out

Why are you dying?
One of the only people who loves me is going,
And I can’t stop her,
When she takes her last breath
A tear will fall
And another and another.
I will sit by her side
And not be dragged away,
Because my heart is bleeding for her.
I will not hear her voice again after that,
Never again see her smile,
The train of death won’t be halted.
Can’t you please hold on?
All I ask is to see you smile again
Not now not ever with I get my wish
Cause you are a light fading fast.
Ever fading until your light goes out and
Really you used to light up my world.

Submitted: May 15, 2008

© Copyright 2022 foreverflorence. All rights reserved.

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Wow, you really did make me sad when I read that. I hope this isn't based on real events, its sad losing someone close to you. It hasn't happened to me but I get sad just by contemplating the idea, you have such image invoking writting style one can't help but feel what the poem conveys, another ace high job, I can say I am your number one fan, lol, but your new, I know you'll get many more very soon.

Thu, May 15th, 2008 8:50pm


unfortunatley this is based on true events my aunt is unfortunatley dieing of cancer and my grandma recently died of it.... hehe thanks for being a fan

Sat, May 17th, 2008 9:51am


This one almost made me cry because it reminded me so much of my grandfather, who passed away last week. You're a really good poet!

Stephanee :)

Thu, May 15th, 2008 9:00pm


i was close to crying at the time... i guess like in my other poems that comes through... thank you very much for commenting

Sat, May 17th, 2008 9:58am


Wow! I had two great person who died by cancer and it is always hard , too hard. Great.

Mon, May 19th, 2008 2:21pm


thanks very much... yeah cancer sucks

Mon, May 19th, 2008 9:39am

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