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this is a little deeper than most of the things i write, Take from this what you will. Let me know what you thought of please. and title suggestions are encouraged! Thanks

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Desire clenches and commences churning

Fire rages and you've got my bridges burning.

Knowledge seeps in, and I begin learning.


Desire doesn’t grab, it consumes.

Fire doesn’t just destroy is suffocates with fumes.

Knowledge is power, and where there’s power, darkness looms.


Burning all my bridges; you want me all to yourself.

Shining bright to guide me, selfish yes, but it can’t be helped.

Devised and set in motion, your plan plays out; into you I melt.


Burning all my doubt, my trust you gain

Shining light chases away the dark, stopping my tears that fall like rain.

Devised and set in motion, you take my pain away.


Cooling, you pick my flaws.

Diming, the darkness creeps back; teeth and claws.

Gone astray, your plan a shipwreck; jaws.


Cooling, you realize I’m not what you wanted to find.

Diming, I lose my way, I lose my mind.

Gone astray, I’m just wasted time.


Desire clenched and done is the churning.

Fire’s all burned out, all my bridges no longer existing.

Knowledge soaked up, a lesson I’m done learning..

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