In A Box In The Closet

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the little girl i used to be, the sweet, innocent one? this is what happened to her. this is where she is.

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Locked in a box in the closet

Sits the girl I used to be

The real true me.


She’s broken, she’s beaten.

She’s self-conscious, she’s not eating.

She’s scared, she’s bleeding.


She’s hurt and she’s hiding

She’s confused no one for confiding.

She’s lost no hope for finding.


She’s gone away,

But if she had a choice

She’d stay.


In her place, here I am.

I’m stronger, meaner.

I’m unbreakable, unshakable.


Unlike her I don’t feel

Unlike her I don’t fall so I don’t break.

Unlike her I am cold hearted.


I wish they’d have loved her,

I wish they’d have kept her,

I wish they’d have cherished her.


I wish she’d come out

I wish I wasn’t needed

I wish she’d be happy.

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