Ayla has to fight Anna and Alexis for the right to control the body that the three of them share.

Hello, I'm Ayla Anna Alexis Shay. But mostly I'm Ayla.... Its complicated.

"Really, Sir. I'm not Ayla Shay." Anna said in her sweetest, most innocent voice as we got out of the van in our new orange jumpsuit. "I'm Anna Shay."

The guard just gave us that Come on, how dumb do you think I am? look. "Gimme a break kid. I've been on the job for 5 years. I've seen a lot. Let's go." He made a grab at us, and Alexis came out. I always hate it when Alexis comes out, people get hurt.

Alexis screamed like a wild raging animal as she thrashed around trying to avoid his grasp. "DON'T TOUCH ME! HELP! RAPE! BATTERY! ASULT! MOLESTATION! ABUSE! HELP ME!-" The guard's arms encircled us, pinning our arms to our sides, immoblizing them. So we kicked our legs like a possessed donkey.

"CUT THAT OUT!" He yelled in our ear, scaring Alexis so bad she hid, and Anna beat me to the surface.

"Let me go and maybe I will," I said loudly as we tried to wrestle away.

A gun shot rang out and Anna hid with Alexis, leaving me in charge. But I was frozen. Guns were bad... they were worse than Alexis....

"Paul, are you having problems?" Called out another guard.

"Nothing I can't handle Dylan."

"Okay," The other guard put his gun in his holster. He was taller than the guard that was holding me, Paul aparently. He was younger too. Maybe three years older than I. He walked closer and I saw he had hazel eyes.

That's when our eyes locked and I shivered. Paul, suddenly aware from my movment tightened his grip on me. But that hardly registered with me. Dylan's eyes were staring into mine, and It was like he could see my soul... our souls (or however that worked), and it was terrifying.

"Paul, It's your break so I can take her." He offered.

"Are you sure?" Paul asked concerned.

"Yeah, hand 'er over."

I hung our head as I was handed over to Dylan. He firmly grasped my arms and pulled them tightly, almost uncomfortably, behind my back. I closed my eyes and tensed, trying with all my might to not let Alexis come out. Alexis, please, dont do this, not now.... I begged her. She grunted in reply and sunk back further below the surface.

"Easy, sweetheart, I'm not gonna hurt you." Dylan said in low soothing voice. In response I whimpered, and allowed him steer me to where ever.

Where ever turned out to be in a buliding with rows and rows of hallways each filled with cell after cell. Not every cell was ocupied, but the one's that were had only one ocupant. Dylan continued to steer me around. When we got to my cell, he opened it, and let me go. His mistake. That was Alexis's cue. I let out a sob as she broke the suface, ripping me back to my corner of our body.

Alexis screamed and tried to make a break for it, but Dylan dove on us without hesitation. He lay on top of us and Alexis screamed and thrashed. Then I heard it. He was singing. It wass soft but it was there. And I think he was singing to me....

 "There's a place that i know

it's not pthere and few have ever goneretty



if i show it to you now


will it make you run away

or will you stay even if it hurts even if i try to push you out will you return?

and remind me who i really am

please remind me who i really am
everybody's got a dark side

do you love me?

can you love mine?

nobody's a picture perfect

but we're worth it

you know that we're worth it

will you love me?

even with my dark side?"


Alexis was confused, normally she gets yelled at. She lives to get yelled at. But now, he wassinging to her? She quickly returned below the surface and I sprang up, barley beating Anna.

I lay still underneath him, panting from the exursion Alexis had caused, and half sobing that Dylan had seen me like that. See us. "I'm sorry, that-that wasn't me! That was Alexis... It wasn't me..." I sobbed.

Dylan wrapped his arms around me, just as Paul had done earier. He even pinned my arms to my side. He half shuffled half carried me into my cell and let me go. Shutting the cell door, he stared at me. Head down, I hid my face with my hair. I was too ashamed to meet his gaze that i felt on me like a really thick blanket.

Aftrer some time, I heard his foot steps fade down the hall. At which time I went to the corner and surrendered our body to who ever got out first, and retired to my corner in Alya Anna Alexis Shay's body.




*So let me know what you guys think Pro's and Con's please :)*



Submitted: October 12, 2012

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