Kittys Need Love Too

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A cute little Kitten feels alone in the world.

Submitted: January 22, 2012

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Submitted: January 22, 2012



I lay in my bedroom with my iPod glued to my ears...It was not easy being who I was, not in the least bit easy...I was always having to hide, "No one can EVER find out who I am" I whisper to myself... "My ears, my tail, my claws, my teeth, one will ever understand"

My parents were out of town, and my babysitter was hopelessly old and confused...she thought I was a large house cat, "Heh" I scoffed, "Ironic" and then I fell asleep, dreams filled with worry and doubt.

When I finally woke up it was the next day, Saturday, I groan and flip out of bed landing lightly on my feet, it wasn't so bad all the time, I could flatten my ears down and cover them with my hair, the teeth weren't to big a problem, the claws...well lets just say no one can ever catch me without nail clippers in my pocket, its just the darn tail...I end up wrapping it around my waist like a belt, "Oh my god, I look like such a dork...who wears big round fuzzy belts?" but I never mind it and decide to take a walk, I need to stretch my legs.

I was walking downtown and bumped into someones back, "OH! Sorry!" and I quickly dodge them and continue walking, "Oh man" I say to myself "I was really zoned out." Someone grabbed my shoulder, immediately my instincts kick in and I spin around grabbing the persons wrist and nailing them to the ground, my heart rate accelerated increasingly in order to give enough energy to finish a fight, but I get a good look at the person, since our faces are practically inches apart, I quickly scan the face of my attacker...he was a guy about my age, with brown messy hair curling seemingly randomly, he was incredible attractive,

"Wow" he said, " dropped this when I bumped into you" and with his free hand he held up a pair of nail clippers.

"OH!" I blush deep crimson and quickly grab the clippers and hiding them in my pocket "Thanks." I jumped up and nervously pat down my curious ears, the guy stood up and rubbed his red inflamed wrist

"Ow" he simple said I didn't think it possible but I blushed some more.

"Oh I'm sorry! You scared me is all...." he chuckled

"Well I'll be sure to never do that names Will"

"Oh" my feeling uncomfortable, Ive never really socialized this much...embarrassing..."My name's Kate." Will smiled,

"Thats a pretty name, but I think you're much prettier."I cover my face to hide the huge kitty fanged smile

"No one's ever said that before" I think to myself, "Ummmm" I say, hands still plastered to my face "Thank you very much...but I really need to go" I turn to leave and WHAM! Straight into a lamppost I let out a small squeak and pray that Will didn't see that, but I heard a chuckle and knew he did, without turning back to look at him I uncovered my face and ran back home as fast as I could "See Kate?!? See what happens when you try to be normal?!" I scold myself all the way back home and fell on my bed exhausted and crying, turning up the radio I fell asleep again to the sound of music...--Her Diamonds falling down, cuz i can't help her kno-o-ow~

Waking up was horrible, my eyes where dry and crusty from crying, and my tail was left wrapped in my jeans and it hurt A LOT, I took a refreshing shower and dried off, then I put on some new clothes and walked out the front door..."This time I'll be much more aware"...and I cringed remembering the other day, finally I came to the park, old people walked their dogs here,most stopped to growl at me as their owners apologized and pulled them away. That was pretty much it, but no one was there today. I sat on the bench and sighed
"This is so boring" I muttered, leading my head fall backwards as I watched the clouds, my stiff tail attempting to flick around. Suddenly, I heard footsteps and turned around to see a couple guys dragging a little kid into the park and beating him up, "Hey!" I shout "STOP!" The guys turn and look at me, a smirk on their ugly faces, they start to stride over to me, "Damn they have bats" I think to myself, wide eyed. I kept focused on them as the little kid ran off to another boy. I hadn't even realized it had been Will. I heard thefaint muttering of the two boys as I backed slowly up.

"Haiden! are you OK?" Will grabbed his little brother and embraced him, "I'm fine Will, just a couple scrapes. She's the one that's in trouble" He pointed over to me "She distracted those guys and told them to leave me alone. They have bats Will, and they could really hurt her!" Will face turned pale "That girl..." he whispered "Thats...Kate"

Meanwhile, I was almost oblivious to the boys, having still not realized who it was and more focused on the guys coming at me with bats. I gave a low hiss as I glanced over to see if the boys had fled, I didn't see them, so I let myself go. My heartbeat quickened, my ears flipped up, my tail angrily whipped the air behind me, my fingers cracked as I clenched and unclenched my fist, I bared my teeth and let out a hideous snarl

"Get back!" I ordered the guys, but they just stared at me, then a look of disgust came over their faces
"Oh my god" one of them said, "That thing is disgusting!"
"So? Kinda cute, I thinks, besides we've raped worst than that" he licked his lips and took a step towards me.
"that THING is disgusting" Those words hurt...they always did...but I turned the hurt right back around and turned it into raw fury, I screamed, jumping at the closest man, claws raking his face ripping his cheek wide open, the man fell to his knees howling in pain, I stared at him in horror and then looked at my bloody hand..."Did...did I really just do that?" I whisper just then a bat met my skull, and I fell to the ground holding my head and receiving blows to the stomach and back, it was true that I was strong, but those bats still leave giant bruises, all of a sudden the deathly blows stopped and I opened my eyes just a bit, there was Will, and that kid, both of them had the guy's bats in their hands and were waving them madly. Will's bat hit one of the guys in the head, and being a human, the guy fell to the ground in a faint, the third guy met the same fate, and once the chaos was finally over, Will ran over to me and picked me up in his arms, my head still hurt and I felt a extremely dizzy. "he's so warm" I mumbled, not realizing it was loud enough for Will to hear, and I passed out...

Iwoke up to an icepack on my head, "Whaddappin?" I mumbled, I was laying on my back, and didn't recognize the house I was in, I tried to sit up but realized that Will's arms were wrapped around me, "Oh" I said softly, he looked like he was asleep. "Oh" I said again "He's so cute, especially when he's asleep..." I smile bashfully "I wonder what it's like to kiss someone?" I wonder out loud, "His lips look very soft..." I say softly then I quickly shake my head "Oh no no I'm being silly." Thats when I realize that every bit of my true self is showing, ears, teeth, tail, claws, EVERYTHING "Oh no." I say, starting to panic "He knows! I gotta get out of here!" I try to twist out of his arms but they tighten,

"Don't go" he whispers, eyes still closed "I really like you." he mutters "And do you still want to kiss me?" I gasp

"YOU WERE AWAKE?!" he finally opened his eyes and chuckled,

"Yes I was, you're not upset are I?" I was speechless "You can't tell anyone!" I burst "NOBODY! Understand me? They call me a freak, they think I'm disgusting and" I twisted out of his grip "I bet you are no different. You think I'm a monster too." Will's face turned serious, as he held tighter.

"You're no monster Kate, you saved my brother, you're a sweet person, you're beautiful, I would NEVER call you a monster. I will beat down anyone who tries to mess with my kitten" My eyes get big in shock

"Y...your kitten?" I whisper.

"Yes" he whispered "My sweet little Kitty, you're an amazing girl Kate. I may not know you well, yet, though I will change that, I'm sure you deserve to feel normal if you really want to. I can help you. I love you very much already Kate." he pulled me close and pressed his lips against mine "Will you be my kitten, Kate?"

I blush so hard that they had to create a new shade of red, "I will be your kitten" I whisper "If you will love me the way all kittens should be loved."

"I promise" Will said, as I fell asleep in his arms again. Too exhausted...feeling too safe to want to leave yet.

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