Your Imperfections

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A poem about accepting yourself and letting go. A first foray into poetry, all feedback greatly appreciated.

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



Your imperfections are what define you

whether they make you stand out or blend in

if they are things you want

or those things which you desperately want to change,

hold onto them

because you will come to realise that without them you are nothing.

You are a clone,

an empty shell of a person,

with no soul or substance,

like a mannequin on a shop floor,

because you need those battle scars,

those chips on your shoulder,

those anecdotes and stories and jokes.

The strange mole on your thigh,

the way your hair curls the wrong way,

the fact your laugh is always the loudest and a bit too soon.

Society will try to change these things to get you to conform,

or be individual in an ‘acceptable’ way,

express your differences in one of a set of pre-defined categories,

label your sexuality,

do a quiz to find your body type,

wear certain clothes to pigeonhole your personality.

Don’t be defined by that process,

don’t let yourself be categorised and labelled and filed away.

Allow yourself the freedom to accept that you are an individual

and embrace yourself in all your light and darkness,

allow yourself to grow and develop but don’t force it,

your life will happen at its own pace,

so long as you let it.

You are perfectly imperfect,

never forget that.

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