Round Four: Happy Babies

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A baby goes to the beach. That baby grows up and has her own baby.

Submitted: July 28, 2011

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Submitted: July 28, 2011



Sand. That's what mommy called it. "Sthand," I managed. I giggled.

I crawled on the sand. It was warm and sparkly. There were other smaller things crawling with me, too. Mommy was walking on two legs behind me. She tried to make me use two legs. I don't know why anyone would do that when they can be so much closer to the sand. I crawled on. Cold water kept on creeping up on the sand and getting my hands and feet wet. I crawled on.

A blue thing with lots of legs crawled by me. We were crawling together. I loved doing this. I loved the sand.


Sammy crawled. She was my pride and joy. She could talk a little now. She wasn't walking yet, but sometimes she stood if she pulled herself up. We were safe here, for now. On the beach. But soon, we would have to go back. To the judging eyes and pitying stares. To those who would rather not see us every day. Because it showed how bad the world was today.

Sammy's daddy was dead. He was murdered. And for a little while, I was a suspect. But that was before they found my father guilty. Sammy's daddy got me pregnant before we were married. And that didn't stand with my dad. Now, he was learning about the modern world in Heaven.

He had pretty much disowned me. But before I left for my trip, I discovered his precious manor and fortune was mine for the taking. And I wanted my daughter to grow up privileged-like I did. Now, I had my trust fund and all the money Dad left behind. And Sammy was going to be raised much better than she would have been if we had stayed in the trailor on the wrong side of town. Everything was finally turning around for the better.


I sit back on the sand. Mommy picks me up and smiles at me. I hit my hands together and laugh. I like being here. It's fun. Much better than the tiny place we spend most of our time.

"Life is better now," Mommy whispers to me. "I love you, and that's the most important thing. I always will."


Sammy was sixteen. And she was pregnant.

"Mom, I have something I have to tell you," I barely manage to whisper out. "I'm...I....I'm....pregnant."

She nods and pulls me in to hug me. "It's gonna be fine, honey," She whispers into my hair. "We have enough money. I work to get more, so that you will have a lot when you need it. It's gonna be okay."

I'm sobbing now. She understands. I thought she might. She raised me on her own, and grandpa killed daddy.

A wave of relief washes over me, and I calm myself. Everything's going to  be fine. I'll have the baby. I'll stay here. And it will have the best life that a baby with a teen mother could. I was sure of it.

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