Never meant the car to crash

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About losing someone, and regret

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011




she opens her eyes and squints as the sun shines through the window.

The feeling of emptiness lingers in every room.

Quite and lonely her footsteps echo in the house.

All though outside the sun is shining,

Inside its damp and dark as she sits crying.


Restless and weak she gets to her feet and decides to leave.

She walks these streets with a sense of safety,

His face appears clear and she hungers for his touch.

Tender, love and care he always seemed to share,

Even when she made him mad.


They argued and got angry, disagreeing and disapproving,

but no matter how much they fought it only pulled then closer

making their relationship stronger.

But the longer she kept on fighting, was the more he started to wonder.

Than he packed his bags and took the car,

he was angry and frustrated.


She never meant the car to crash,

 She never thought of such a thing.

 He was drinking, she did not stop him,

 And now, she regrets it... Because she lost him. 

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