Crave, Crave, Crave

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Submitted: May 15, 2010

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Submitted: May 15, 2010



 People... Well, literally humans. They always want something. Some people want new I pods. Some people want new books. Some people even want to be really really skinny, like those overly skinny top models. Some wants to look completely "Hot" and "Sexy". But, do they ever put some thought into it. 

There's saying that I came stumbling across in a book. It pulled me into a sudden stop. And I actually put a lot of thought to it.


Nowadays, I think that it isn't a saying anymore. I think it's already a fact. 
That's the fact people isn't aware of. They just pass it off as normal cravings. Yeah, it is cravings... But it's not normal.

When you see something that you really want, you would definitely do whatever it takes to get that thing. Sometimes when you desperately want something and saw a picture of it or anything that would make you think about it, you always go over board and go overly excited and see your hand twitching like you wanted to strangle someone until you got hold of that thing you want. And some people go overly excited and have trouble breathing, one of those people is me. Yes, I crave like any other normal person would. But my type of cravings are dork-ish and nerd-ish. While I know some people who are all-too obsessed with one thing that they would go over board with. I also have proofs of some people who are well... let's just admit it.... fat-ish that goes obsessed with making themselves look skinny and ended up eating products which are only meant of external purposes. I don't want to say her name but.... She's the one on Tyra. And I also personally know some people who actually faints twice a day because they really, I mean really don't eat anything. They only eat... crackers and some other things. 

I just wanted to pimp-point it. To show to everyone that it's okay to have some kinda cravings, but to keep it under control.

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