World of Fire

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She was living such a happy life. She had the most beautiful smile and laugh. She was inspirational, active, kind, caring, gantlet and many other traits I could use to describe her. On her 12th birthday, she went missing. And where? To an entirely different world, that Sarah.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013




"Are you warm enough?" Sarah's father asks while throwing wood into the dancing fire.

"It 's as cozy as if it was summer." Sarah replies with a gentle smile. Her father comes to the couch she was sitting on. "Father. Did you know that tomorrow's my birthday?"

Her father put a warm and gentle hand on her, "I know I do." He gently kisses her forehead and stands up, "I'm sure mother will be home for the entire day tomorrow. Afterall, it's both Christmas and your birthday."

Sarah snuggles into the wool blanket her mother made, "My birthday is on a holiday..." Sarah whispers in a small voice.

"What was that dear?" her father asks as he was just stepping out of the living room.

"Nothing father." Sarah replies. Into the red fire, she stared. She was turning twelve and yet she looks the same as when she was six. Small, pale skin and gentle red hair. Sarah felt sleepy until a voice called out to her feintly. Sarah jolts awake and stands up. "Who's there?" She was scared in her monkey pajamas.

"Sara..." The voice called out to her.

"Who are you?" Sarah was scared. Her knees and hands were shaking.

"The fire..." It said, "Look at the fire..."

Sarah came closer to the fire. She saw a face that resembled her mother. "Mother?" she asks calming down.

"Such a good girl... Turning 12 soon..." The fire was burning warmly, "I shall give you a present... come closer..."

She comes closer. Her braided hair falls in front of her right shoulder as she crawled foward. "Sarah?" she heard her father calling out to her.

She was about to respond to him but the mother in the fire said, "Hurry! We must not let him see..." Sarah felt scared but, it was a mother's order, what could she do? She crawls faster towaard the fire and reaches out her arm. "Come... put her hand in my mouth..." Sarah reaches her hand into the mouth, she touches it and vanishes.

"Sarah?" Her father comes in with Sarah's mother. But all they saw was that the fire had burned out and Sarah was nowhere in sight.

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