It's Never Your Fault

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This poem was completely written by me. It is about bullies and how much being bullied hurts. Sorry if it is bad...I don't write poem's that often. This poem does NOT rhyme.

I used to love school,
but that all changed.
Everyday im bullied by you,
but do you care?
You tell me i'm not nice enough,
you tell me i'm not smart enough,
you tell me i'm not good enough,
well you aren't either.
You never will be.
Everyday I suffer,
everyday I hurt,
because of what you say to me.
Because of what you think.
Don't go telling others it's my fault that I hate you,
your not the victim in this story.
For this is my story,
I choose how it ends.
Don't worry I won't hurt you,
i'm not that kind of person.
For I am not the bully.
You are.
I am just some hurt girl,
who's life you have ruined.
Well I won't take 'i'm sorry' or 'it's my fault your sad'
Because it's not your fault anymore.
You say it's mine.
I should have stood up for myself.
Plus you stole my friends,
you told them lies.
Now I have no one.
But I need someone that understands how I feel.
Now I’m more than just weird.
I'm confused and hurt.
But of course,
It's not your fault, is it?

Submitted: May 15, 2011

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