Spring- Poem project

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In my class we were suposed to make poem's about Spring, so here is a rough draft of mine. And yet again like my other poem, it does not rhyme.

Spring is oh so lovely,
With the birds singing,
The plants growing and reviving their past,
And the children playing all through the grass.
Spring is wonderful,
Because of good weather And sweet treats,
Such as Ice cream to enjoy in the summers heat.
Spring is amazing,
Because it is that much closer to freedom,
That much closer to escape,
That much closer to summer vacation!
Spring is the best,
With sights that leave you in awe,
Smells of new flowers that leave you happy and calm,
And of course the taste for delicious foods.
Spring is spring,
And I love every day of it.
But of course who wouldn't?

Submitted: May 17, 2011

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