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This is about a 16 year old girl named Elenora, who gets her heart broken. This is her story, where she explains her pain to all of her friends. Even though this is not a real story it still helps and it still has a lesson. So yes this is a fan made story.

THE INTRODUCTION: Hello, I am Elenora Ashes. But most people call me Elly for short. i am 16 years old, my birthday is November 11. You are probably wondering why I wrote this, and why you are reading it. Well I always loved writing and all of my 'friends' told me to write a book. Although I never really knew what to write about, but that ended the day I stupidly fell in love with 'the heart breaker'. The heart breaker is the nickname for a guy who always breaks girls hearts and leaves them to bleed in their own pit of sadness. Pretty sad huh? This is not your typical romance book, this is more of a saddened romance novel. I guess i'm done with the introduction.

THE BEGINNING:(November 8) I walked to school one day, it was misty and the air was very moist. Even though it was a pretty glum looking day, I had to go to school. So I walked to school and by the time I got there my school uniform was wet and hair was frizzy. The school uniform is a brown skirt with a white top, brown plaid tie, and white tights, luckily we get to choose what shoes we wear though. The only problem was it was picture day and my beautifully long red hair was a curly and frizzy mess. When the bell rang I ran up to my locker and took out my brush so I could brush my hair, luckily I had a mirror in my locker. It was my intention for my hair to be curly but when I brushed it it turned out wavy. After I put my brush away I got my books and went to class, when I got there I saw that barely anyone had showed up, but I was always early so I didn't care. The only other people there early were, Betsy; A mean girl, with red hair just like mine. Tom; A shy guy in my class who doesn't like to talk much. and of course Joey 'The Heart Breaker' ; the cutest guy in the whole school that always ends up breaking girls hearts. I know it's pathetic but I couldn't help falling in love with him. I walked over to my seat, which is right behind Joey's seat. Once I sat down I grabbed a book from my binder and opened it up, but before i could read it Joey grabbed it and closed it. \"What was that for?\" I asked him as I tried to sound annoyed. \"I just wanted to see if you would talk to me instead of reading for once.\" He responded, ending his sentence with a perfect smile that made me melt. I shook the thoughts out of my head. \"Ok, but it's not polite to take thing without asking first.\" I snatched the book out of his hand and put it back in my binder. \"Would you like to come to a party at my house on the 10th? Maybe you could be my date?\" He asked me. I didn't know how to respond so I said.. \"Yes, sure.\"

THE MIDDLE: It was the day of the party, I couldn't believe that I was invited to a party at a popular guy's house. The day before I went out and bought a new cute blue dress that stopped at my knees and looked perfect on me. I also put on blue eye shadow and mascara, plus some light pink lip gloss. When I arrived at the party with my friend Karen, who I was aloud to bring with me, I knocked on the door and walked in once I was aloud in. I hung my coat up with the others and me and Karen went to go look for Joey and his friend, Trey, who Karen had a crush on. Once we found them we walked up to them and started talking to them. Joey asked me if I would like to go outside on the porch in the backyard with him and I said yes. It was around 6:00 o'clock at night but it wasn't as cold as you would think. Together Joey and me walked, hand in hand, over to the railings of the porch. Once we stopped he turned to me and smiled. \"I heard that you like me, is it true?\" He said as he looked deep into my eyes. I opened my mouth to answer but no words came out until he laughed. \"Yes, I do.\" His smile deepened and leaned in to kiss me, I pushed him away once I heard a scream coming from the house. Standing there at the door was Betsy. \"Joey! What are you doing!?\" She demanded as she glared at me. \"I'm your girlfriend not her!\" As soon as I heard those words I stepped away and got ready to bury myself in a hole. \"I know you are.\" Joey said as he looked at me. \"She was the one who tried to kiss me.\" My mouth gaped in shock. \"What!? No it was him!\" I shouted. \"Don't lie to me!\" Betsy snarled at me. I glared right at Betsy then I turned to Joey before turning away and running into the house. I kept running until I grabbed my jacket and ran off to my car, once I got in I drove to my house.

THE ENDING: I quickly exscaped to my room and shut the door. I quickly jumped onto my bed and began to cry and cry, until I couldn't cry anymore. Why would Joey lie to me and Betsy like that? Why did he have to use my feelings? How did he even know I liked him? Then it hit me like a rock. The girl that talked to him all the time in class, is the same girl that sits next to him. I didn't want to admit it but I did. Karen told him I liked him and he used it against me so he could break my heart! I should have know, like it wasn't a big enough hint that he would break my heart when his nick name is 'The Heart Breaker'. This story shows that you can never trust a boy and sometimes even your best of friends. My tip is don't tell anyone who you like unless you are okay with it spreading. It has been two days since the party and I am still sad about it, but at least I wrote this to warn everyone. So here you go everyone that wanted me to write a book, I did. And I couldn't be more proud of myself. So Joey if you are reading this...You are the reason why I hurt...You are the reason why I cry... But you are also the reason why I wrote this book to warn everyone.

Submitted: May 15, 2011

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Oh. My. Gosh. There was a kid in my class named joey, and he was such a perve! I can't read this without thinking of him! But then again this joey was a real jerk, the other joey was harmless. Also, its "allowed" not "aloud"

Sun, May 15th, 2011 3:30am


Oh my gosh lol I never knew that there was a guy at your school named Joey, well now I do. Thanks I forgot, I always get confused bout those two.

Sun, May 15th, 2011 11:34pm

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