Spiderman The New Animated Series season 2 epiosde 1

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In 2003 MTV debuted a TV show about Spiderman. It followed the success of the films but it was criminally underrated and was overshadowed of the older Spider-man cartoon. The show was perfect since it had some dark tone with murder,blood and sex being some of the things showed. Unfortunately the ratings were not good enough for them so they decided to cancel it. In the last two parter episodes Spidey comes against two psychic twins who destroy his life and force Peter to quit his crime fighting career because they turned the public against Spider-Man. This is how i wanted the story to continue. The show's voice actors included Neil Patrick Harris (!!), Rob Zombie and many more.

Submitted: February 06, 2016

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Submitted: February 06, 2016



Spiderman TNAS

Season 2 episode 1.

Spiderman Returns.

It’s been 1 year since Spiderman was last seen. Who could forget the day when he pushed Indy off the building? There were a lot of rumors on the street; some said that he was involved in the factory explosion where the two psychic twins were killed, some say that he killed himself from the guilt and others say that he simply gave up the crime fighting career. Peter Parker is now living his life like a normal teenager. Since Spiderman is gone, he now works at the Daily Bugle as a photographer and a journalist instead of just taking pictures of his ‘friend’. He is also still attending at the Empire State University. The number of students has been decreased dramatically. But who can judge the poor students? When Spiderman was around there was some kind of protection against guys like Max Dillon. Yeah, not even the huge explosion in the middle of the sea could take him out completely. Even when he came back and killed the last member of the sorority who he blames for what they turned him into, Peter didn’t even try to stop the murder. Peter was wandering around the campus when he saw MJ.

-Heads up tiger, said MJ throwing him a couple of books. She enjoyed watching him grabbing them with his agility.

Peter hated it since he remembered that by getting rid of the suit, he doesn’t get rid of Spiderman himself.

-So, are you coming tonight to the-oh why am I even asking, you’re either going to be studying or working with your lover Dr. Connors. You know Pete, you shouldn’t get involved with married men.

-Ha. Ha really funny MJ. And no, Dr Connors is going to spend his night with his family tonight. So I might come over later after I’m done studying.

-Yeah sure. Just like you promised Harry that you would come to his Oscorp reopening ceremony.

Thankfully for Pete, Harry just came and he gave him a pat on the back.

-Hello fellas, said Harry with a happy tone in his voice.

 -Why are you so cheerful Mr.CEO?

-Guess you will have to wait and see at the exhibition slash party slash meeting with the future he said winking at them.

-What do you mean?  Peter asked with doubt.

-Guess you’ll have to ditch studying for once and come see for yourself Harry said with a smile.

Peter groaned. He knew that he had to go since it was so important for Harry. He also knew that Harry was disappointed when he didn’t show up for the reopening of Oscorp. What Harry didn’t know was that Peter still had some damage from the battle with the twins. That and the guilt from Indy resulted in terrible nightmares and visions. Peter found sleeping really difficult.

-Anyway, I stopped by to give you the invitations since the party is for close people only.

-Didn’t you give an invitation to the janitor? MJ asked sarcastically

-Well science experiments are not really popular nowadays. Since that guy had that accident and he got stuck with 4 tentacles on his back, people are not really big fans of this kind of stuff.

-That ‘guy’ was Dr Otto Octavious, one of the best inventors of our time Peter added.

-Yeah whatever, he is the reason people are afraid. Anyway I have to go now. The company won’t manage itself.

-Right who will drink all the martinis and sleep with all the hot models? MJ asked rolling her eyes.

-I have to go to if I want to come to this party of yours. I’m off to study. Peter said after laughing

-Goodbye tiger.

But Peter wasn’t going to study. He wanted to sleep. It’s been days since he was able to sleep for even an hour or two. He was afraid of the nightmares. Whenever he closed his eyes, the only thing he saw was Indy’s blood coming from her nose. He tried to keep it together even though he could feel himself getting closer and closer to insanity. He could hide it from his friends and colleagues, for the moment at least. He tried to keep calm and to remove every thought from his brain. Just when he felt his consciousness going away his brain was bombed with mementos. Indy’s scream, the twins’ evil laugh, the briefcase with the Spiderman suit inside going underwater… Peter woke up sweating and he decided to watch some TV in order to get his brain off things. Instead of normal TV shows the channels were full with news report. “Spiderman is back!” said one of the news reporters.

“What the hell???” Peter screamed at his TV. He wore some black sweatpants and a red sweatshirt. He also grabbed a red ski mask he had for crazy emergencies like that when he had to actually hide his identity.

What the hell is going on?” he thought to himself before climbing out the window and jumping from building to building trying to get to Oscorp as fast as possible.

“I really miss my web shooters” Peter whispered to himself before making a big jump so he could climb the 50 storey building. He finally reached the floor where the exhibition was being held.  It was chaotic. Everyone ran from a crazy Spiderman who beat everyone up.

“That’s a good cosplay to be honest” Peter said before jumping to the action.

He tried to punch the imposter but he was too fast. He dodged the punch by jumping over him and kicking him on the back. Peter was surprised with how close his imposter’s fighting technique was to his when he used fight crime.

Excuse me, it’s been a long time since I did this. Can we try once again?”

The imposter didn’t answer. The room was emptied and only Peter and the imposter stayed.

Well here comes your friendly neighborhood Spiderman trying to get his job position back.”

Peter sprinted towards the imposter and after dodging the imposters kick he got a good shot on him.

“Let’s get a little serious right now. Who the hell are you?”

The imposter without saying a word took his mask off. Peter couldn’t believe it.

Indy?” he shouted shocked.

-Aw, so you do remember me.

-I can’t believe this. No. You died! I saw you!

Peter’s brain almost exploded.

-I’m going out of my mind. I’m not a lunatic. I’m not a lunatic!

-Don’t stress yourself a lot over this Peter. You only need to accept the fact that Deadpool will be your only friend for the rest of your life.

Indy charged at him and kicked him on the face. Peter fell on the ground. He turned to see Indy but she was nowhere to be seen.

-I know you’re still here he said with disbelief

-Of course you do.

Indy charged at him again but with the help of the spider sense Peter managed to blast Indy back with a punch to the stomach.

Indy flew to the wall behind her. Peter ran to trap her but then he saw something even crazier.

-Uncle Ben?

-What’s up Peter? Come give your uncle a little hug Ben said while he swung to his nephew.

Peter felt his brain going crazy. His uncle in a Spiderman costume? Indy too? What is going on? Peter had no time to think since Ben threw some webs towards his way.

Let me give you that hug you wanted” Peter said before kicking Ben to the face.

Peter felt his brain trying to crawl out of his head. He fell to his knees from the pain.


He turned his head up to see that he was surrounded by everyone he knew in a Spiderman costume.

Well, I guess this is how I die” Peter said by accepting his fate.

That’s when he saw from the corner of his eye he saw an elderly woman. That’s when everything paused. Peter could see Spiderman Harry’s punch coming to his face. Peter waved in front of Harry’s eyes to see if he was actually frozen.

-Don’t test your luck Mr. Parker an elderly voice said

-Where are you? I saw you. Tell me what the hell is going on. Now!

All of the people Peter knew who were in a Spiderman suit ready to kick his add were disappeared.  That’s when an elderly woman showed in front of Peter. She looked like she was connected to a life support system that looked like a web. She also had a blind fond on her eyes.

-Well I guess I owe you lunch for saving me.

-You don’t own me anything Mr. Parker she said with a calm voice

-Well how about some flies?

-Mr. Parker I am not real. And neither is this conversation. This, all of this is inside your head. You’re having a crisis and you don’t know how to deal with this. That’s why you created me. Madame Web.

-I certainly know how to give some cliché names.

-In all seriousness Mr. Parker you have to finally understand that Indy’s death wasn’t your fault. New York needs her friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

-No. I promised to never, ever put on the costume again.

-I’m afraid you will have to. In one year’s period you let a lot of people die but fortunately for you your friends weren’t in real danger now, were they?

-What are you trying to say?

-Fortunately for you this was all a dream. But unfortunately for your friends this is not she said while she put on a display a hologram which showed the Oscorp exhibition getting attacked by Octavious now known as Dr Ock.

-Is this real? How can I see what is going on? If this is all a dream I guess that I must be sleeping.

-Hypnagogia Mr. Parker. You are now in front of your TV screen and you see what is happening at the Oscorp building. It’s time to snap out of it.

- But the people hated me. And they still will when they learn that I was still around while people like the Shocker were killing innocents. They will stone me.

-Do you remember why you started doing this in the first place? What happened when you ignored to use your powers for good?

And just like that Madame Web disappeared and Uncle Ben, the real Uncle Ben appeared behind Peter.

-You’re not going to beat me up again right? Peter asked while his mouth smiled but his eyes were weeping.

-Peter. You have no idea how I missed you Uncle Ben said with tears in his eyes.

-I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.  I could’ve prevented your death Peter said while crying

The reality around them started breaking. Peter was waking up.

-Peter, it wasn’t your fault.

-Yes. Yes it was Peter said breaking to tears

-Peter! Look at me, we don’t have a lot of time.

I want you to remember this: With great power comes great responsib-

And just like that, Peter’s consciousness came back to his mind. He saw the television report and the whole Oscorp building was surrounded by police cars. Peter found himself crying again but this time in real life.

No time for sewing right now” Peter said while he got the same equipment he saw in his dream.

He gave himself a quick face wash before jumping from the window and shouting

 “New York, your friendly neighborhood Spider man is back!’’


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