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just a poem that may reveal to some why we feel like we do.

Submitted: January 10, 2007

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Submitted: January 10, 2007



To know lust is to feel the fight of a nature we're locked inside try to deny is locked inside ourselves,
the nature of forever changing and always the same, re new all its trait, as one fades its replaced, as day becomes day, as start becomes end, once more and once and again,
the nature of earth cares not for its creations, it deals a hand in cruelty showing the gift of displacement, before inforcing its stakes,

us as children far removed from our counter part beast dwellers upon this surface, know with in ourselves we were never built to live this purpose,
because the love we feel is seperate, its not part of this worlds expression,
the essence of our spirit is endless and it was never meant to be bound by a meager comprehension.

our love is from another nature not intent on self feeding, its so miss construde and the views miss leading, and the lack of truth we see in it causes us mass bleeding, we wish to stop our longing to know this part of us because in our attempts our surroundings only see us self destruct.

we need to see before its too late, to hang on to this love its our only means of escape, we can find a purity but not in what we see, breath for your spirit and look inside your dreams, i love you and that i know, we needn't  meet, just hold yourself whole and soon their will see relief. 

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