4:12 AM

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this actually happened...my ex showed up one morning.

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



I see the texts

4:12 AM

I should be sleeping

But I'm not

I know I shouldn't reply

But when I see 6 from the same person


You wanna come over

It's too late

Then you say

You're in front of my house

My heart starts pounding

I look outside

You really are

In front of my house

4:12 AM


That is kinda creepy

You wanna stay over

I know I shouldn't let you in

My dad gets home

Saving me from  you

I can't go back to sleep

I can't stop thinking about

What could have happened

Questions run through my mind

How long where you there?

What was going through YOUR mind?

What were you intentions?

I see you leave

But fear is inside me


What do I do now?

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