Jealousy? Love? Hate? What Drove Me?

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idk, i wrote this for school but i like it

Submitted: May 07, 2012

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Submitted: May 07, 2012



I stood over her lifeless body, watching as the remainder of the blood gush from it. It had grown to be a pleasing action. The possibility of controlling another's life. It gave me an adrenaline rush every time. She looked so cold, and pale lying there completely drained of life. I knew that if we had met under any other circumstances that I would have loved her, but unfortunately she was in my way, and I had no choice but to get rid of her.

“Too bad, so sad. What a bloody shame!” I laughed to myself about her situation. She had been such an easy kill. So fragile. She had been dismissed from my mind almost the second that she had entered the picture; the only thought of her now in my mind was how I was going to move her from her apartment to my place without anyone being suspicious of me.

She looked small and fragile when she was just lying there on the floor, but carrying her around was another story entirely. By the time I had got her to my place, and up the 3 flights of stairs to the top floor, my muscles begged me to stop. I turned left at the top of the stairs and then went to the last door on the left, and opened it as much as I could with the girl on my shoulders. The stench hit me immediately. I knew I was going to have to get rid of them before the entire house began to stink of the rotting bodies. I threw her with the others in the corner.

I quickly glanced at the pile before reaching for the girl's purse. Seven bodies in total. I had killed seven people in three months. “Has it been that many already?” I thought to myself as I walked over to the other side of the room, and perched myself on the edge of the chair so I could examine the contents of her purse. Health card. Bank card. Fifty dollars, which I quickly pocketed in my back pocket, and continued to examine the inside of the purse.

I backtracked on something that caught my eye, when I took a second look at it, I knew why. It was them. Jessica and Damon. I thought about ripping up the picture, but thought better of it. It was a picture from Jessica for helping her realize that she had been wrong to date Damon that he was way out of her league, but in this case, I think that it was her that was out of his league, but who really cares she was gone and that was all that mattered. The purse was otherwise useless, so I disposed of it and then left the room, locking the door behind me.

Tomorrow I would pay Damon a visit. He was probably in the need of a break, and who better to help with that than me. I had that guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach. Poor Damon. He probably thought that he was having really bad luck, but sadly his bad luck was something that was refusing to go away until it got what it wanted, no matter how long it took. However how long it took him to realize this was not my fault, I was just going to keep hinting until I got my point across, no matter long it took and how many people I had to kill. It didn't bother her anymore. The adrenaline had become a high she knew she would never be able to escape, now that she what it was like to have the power of death!!

He was late. His secretary had said that he had a meeting at nine a.m. and should be in by 7:30 a.m. to go over some stuff, but it was five minutes to eight and he still wasn't here. Then I heard the door knob turn and click and turned my attention to the door. When the door opened he was still fiddling with his keys in the lock, but when his attention was directed forward he saw that I had made myself a seat on the top of his desk. He shook his head and spoke in that tone that made me sound like I was just another psycho patient for him to analyze.

"Desiree could you please remove yourself from the desk there is a seat just in front of you, and if you want you can even have my chair, just please get off of my desk,” he stated. I jumped off it reluctantly, making sure he could see the shortness of my black skirt.

When I didn't say anything he began to speak again, "What can I do for you Desiree?”

"I think you know perfectly well what I want," I said with a cocky grin on my face. He once again shook his head at me like I was some disobedient little child that needing to be taught how to act.

"Desiree, I am working. I am not here for own personal reasons contrary to your beliefs".

"They could be your reasons too," I said but he laughed at this.

He then looked me in the eye before speaking, "Why are you really here Des?” His arms were folded across his chest, almost like he had enough of me, but he wasn't going to get rid of me that easily.

"I heard about your little girlfriend this morning, what a shame. That is what the second one this month," I smirked

"Your point being Desiree?”

"I am just saying that I didn't go off and die on you now did I, maybe you were better off with me," I said while fiddling with the sticky notes on his desk. This not exactly going to the way I had planned.

He walked around the desk and grabbed my wrist in an iron grip, forcing me to stop playing with the notes. "Stop that.”

"Come on Damon; admit it, none of them even compared to me".

"Des I hate to break this to you, to bring down everything in your perfect little world, where you are the she-devil goddess queen who everyone wants, but here in reality you were nothing but a compulsive lying little slut.” My face must have showed my shock because he smiled and let go off my wrist. "Now that that is all cleared up could you leave I have other patients that are willing to try and help themselves".

"Screw you, you over conceded jerk". That was all I could say before I stormed out of his office. He was going to pay for this in ways he couldn't even begin to imagine.

“This isn't over Damon. I will win, one way or another,” I mumbled to myself.

I went to Kassi's house to see if she had anything new on Damon, but when I pulled up the driveway I saw another car. Walking into the house, I yelled my arrival for those who were now in the house. "Kassi get your butt down here before I come up there and ruin what I know dang well is happening".

Two seconds later Megan came down the stairs and gave an eyebrow raise, asking a silent question.

"I need information, anything you got. That little jerk is going to pay.”

"Damon's office this morning?"

"How can you tell?”

Kassi let out a laugh and then walked over to her laptop and booted it up, meanwhile walked over to her dark room and came back with a stack of black and white pictures that she set in front of me. I scanned through them, noting that the girl in the picture that Damon had his arm around was not the girl that I had just killed. "Who is she?”

"She would be his girlfriend of the past five months,” Kassi explained.

I thought that I had been hearing things. Five months? That was impossible. "How is that exactly?"

"Her name is Elizabeth Moncton. She is a Fashion and English major at NYU. She has been down there for about the last two months.”

"You have to have something wrong here Kassi, Damon was dating me up until like three months ago,” I explained while holding back tears.

"Just think about that for two seconds.”

"That little witch is dead when I find her. She will be begging for mercy and I'll still be slicing at her. Maybe I'll make him watch, watch them both suffer,” I stated

"Anything you want me to do?" Kassi asked.

“Yeah get me copies of those pictures and then get everything on this girl. I want everything from her address to where she goes for coffee, leave out nothing.”

"Those are your copies, and I'll get Brian on the search as soon as possible," Kassi mentioned. I nodded and picked up the pictures and was walking out of the room when Brian came down the stairs.

"Sorry for disturbing your fun Brian but there is work to be done". And with that I smiled and slammed the front door behind me. Time to get down to business. I have to admit I loved the strategy almost as much as I loved going in for the kill.

The next few days were painstaking. I had to now go through and remember so many tidbits of information. I knew everything about this girl. I knew where she lived, when her classes were, I could have told you where she would be every single second of the day. I knew that she was coming down on Friday night, which she was meeting Damon at this cottage reserve in Blue Sea, which was when I would make my move. I have managed to rent the cottage next to theirs and was working on getting Brian to fix the wiring so that I had complete and total connect to everything that she did, every phone call, anything, this girl was not going to live to see Friday night. That thought alone made it impossible to wait, and sadly Friday was still 24 hours away.

I arrived early at the cabin in order to prepare for what would probably be the last death I caused. With that thought in my mind I knew that this had to painful and gruesome, that I had to make this chic realize that she had stepped on some dangerous ground. She was going to learn her lesson, and it was going to be something that she wasn't going to live through.

I left the cabin around eight p.m. that night knowing that she was due to arrive any time after nine o' clock, and by the sound of her last phone call to Damon she was due to be hitting the back road any time soon I pulled over onto the gravel and opened the glove compartment in order to dig out the leather bag that was inside. I unzipped the bag and removed the needle from it. I than poured the Heroine onto the metal spoon and put my lighter beneath it and allowed the heat to melt the powder. I slowly poured the liquid into the needle and then injected myself with the Heroine, I think that is one of the reasons I had been able to kill so many people was this little baby right here, and this time would be no different. However this time I made sure that I added a little extra powder to the mixture, just to make sure that nothing would screw up. As I felt the liquid start to race through my body, and felt the tension leave, I knew that this was going to be nothing, but another walk in the park.

When I saw headlights coming in the distance I focused my attention on trying to read the license plate. When she reached my car she must have thought that I was having car troubles or something because she pulled over. She came right up to the car window and tapped in it. This was almost too easy; she was setting herself up for the death that was soon going to be her destiny, by my own will of course. I rolled down my window playing the part of an innocent who was having car troubles and was in desperate need of some help. She started to speak first, her voice little more than a perky whisper, it made me want to hang her form the highest building and then cut the cord and watch her drop from about 50 stories, but sadly her voice snapped me back to reality before she hit solid ground,

"Car troubles?” She had that giggle laugh about her, and those eyes he could tell she was still a virgin, she still had the innocence of a four year old, and it made me want to throw up repeatedly.

"How could you tell?" I have that same care free laugh, trying to be just like her, but who wants to be that naïve anyways?

"Anything that I can help you with?" Then it hit me and the word hunt had a whole new meaning.

"Actually I was trying to get the jumper cables out of my trunk but it won't seem to open, would you mind giving it a try?”

"Of course not". That smile was almost as nauseating as her laugh, and yet the thought of her screaming in agony made it all worthwhile, “I will make her pay for everything!” I whispered

As we approached the rear of my car, I removed the nine inch knife that was in its sheath, hidden within my sock. At the first sight of the knife her eyes grew about four sizes larger, that fed the fire of rage that was slowly starting inside of me. Than one word past by my lips and the hunt was on, "RUN!!"

She listened despite her growing fear. That fear within her eyes, made me realize that the kill was going to be that much more enjoyable that I could ever have imagined.

I must have chased her for about two miles now, and I could almost hear her heart pounding. I could tell that I was getting closer, all I had to do was wait for the right moment to pounce, and it was killing me, I wasn't the most patient person, but for this I would make an exception.

I caught a glimpse of a blue sweater. She was to my left and trying to move as quietly as she could. I followed her to this secluded corner and watched her try to dig for her cell phone. I anticipated her movements and called Kassi and got her to disconnect any calls from Elizabeth's cell phone. While she taking care of that I went back to Elizabeth's car, I made sure that her tires were flat and that her gas and oil were completely drained before I went back into the forest. I found Elizabeth crying in the same spot that I left her in, it was almost sad that she was this helpless, it almost made the kill seem pathetic, but she was still going to die, that was never going to change. I managed to get within 3 feet of her until she realized that I was there. She jumped and then struggled to get up, tears streaming down her cheeks, she reminded me of the younger me, the me without a backbone, such a sad time. She was struggling to make words come out of her mouth and it almost made me laugh, but then again I was the one with the knife now wasn't I? "Are those words ever going to come out?” I said with a cocky grin on my face that once again made her eyes grow in size.

"Who are you?"

"None of your business".

"Then why do you want me dead?”

"You’re in my way! Now do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way because really neither one bothers me"? She let out a little scream as I stepped forward, and that was the last straw, she was going to die. When I stepped forward again she started to run, and this time I yelled into the night the words that I had been dying to say, "You can run, but you can't hide!" And with that I tore after her into the blissful night.

I caught up with her about five minutes later, finding her hiding behind a tree; it was almost too much to bear. I crept up behind her and sliced the blade down her right arm. She screamed and tried to get away, but I caught her by the hair at the last second, dragging her back to me. She screamed as she fell against me and this time I whispered something in her ear, "I can hear your heart beating". I could tell that her mouth was hanging open now, but that just made it all the more fun. I made a slice down her other arm and this time her scream seemed to draw some attention, cause the next thing I knew I heard a male's voice getting closer, the voice sounding more and more familiar as it got closer to us. Damon. What was he doing here? Dear god he must have seen the cars, looks like we’re going to have to cut this short. Than he was right in front of me, looking from me to Elizabeth and then back again, as it was taking him sometimes to grasp the concept.

"Damon please help me!” That stupid girl had the nerve to talk with a knife to her neck, big mistake! Slice. She automatically went limp in my arms within seconds. Then I dropped her to the ground, took one look at Damon and then ran off in the other direction.

I heard him running after me. I could hear the branches snap beneath our feet. The next thing I knew I was standing in front of an old barn, turning around I realized that he was gaining on me. I made a run for the barn. When I finally reached it after what seemed like forever I found a ladder leading up to the loft. I climbed it as quickly as I could, still hearing Damon shouting my name from behind me. When I reached the loft and was about to jump out the window Damon came up from behind me and grabbed my wrists. I turned around and saw anger and pain in his eyes.

"So this is what it has come to Desiree".

"You made it this way Damon".

"So you have taken up the occupation of mass murderer?”

"You'd be surprised in the rush you get; it is really a lot more fun than you think it is, being in control, almost like a high".

"Desiree it doesn't count when you’re already stoned out of your mind".

"You don't know anything Damon!'.

"You just need someone to talk to Jessie, somewhere to focus that energy, somewhere creative".

"This is creative Damon. Come on think about it. I get to designed and plan the ways in which to kill these people. I control everything in those few moments".

"Why then?”

"Don't play stupid you asshole. You this has always been about you, every time. I am not going to go away Damon, no matter how much you wish or pray for it".

"Confess to it Des".

"What?” I said, a little more than confused.

"Confess to their deaths or I will personally go down there and do it myself". Than the thought struck me. I was never going to get what I wanted, and no one else was going to have what I never could.

“Sorry Damon, this is just something I have to do,” I thought to myself.

"Fine". I walked past him with the most solemn face, but when I was past him my smile grew. He watched me climb down the ladder, and then watched me leave the barn, but he never followed me.

On my way back to the car I passed by Elizabeth's body, remembering that I had left finger prints I brushed them off, and then made sure that the weapon was near Elizabeth's body, so that Damon would hopefully pick it up. If he did, than nothing could go wrong. I had just removed my tracks. I was getting away untouched.

I reached the police station about 45 minutes later. Pulling up in front of it I realized the significance of what I was about to do, but that didn't bother me, I had taken another hit of Heroine on the way here, so nothing bothered me. I walked into the station and asked to speak to the chief, saying that it was an emergency. When the chief came through the doors and motioned me through them, I followed him down to his office and stepped inside. He looked me over and then spoke in a very deep voice,

"How can I help you Miss...?"

"Desiree. Desiree Hanford".

"Ms. Hanford, what can I do for you?”

"I want to report a murder I just witnessed".

"Please continue...” He was interested now, I could tell that.

"My friend and I were trying to find a house after she got a flat tire, than her crazed ex-boyfriend came up behind us with a knife and chased up through some woods. He killed her. Oh god he killed her". I knew I was convincing enough to pull the wall over this chief's eyes because he reached for his phone and then turned her attention back towards me. He asked me a few more questions and then brought me to my car. After that all I saw was his headlights disappear into the distance.

**48 hours later**

My cell phone rang, it was the chief, and he mentioned something about coming to a court house, that they had found my friend and her attacker. I arrived at the court house about 20 minutes later, stoned out of my mind. I had taken a triple dose just to bring me through this; otherwise I was going to crack. The trial ran smoothly, no one even suspected me. It was my word against Damon's, and even though he was a well-respected member of society, he was still found holding the knife, and bending over Elizabeth's body. He was sentenced to death the next morning at 9 a.m. That hit me the hardest. I cried that night. The tears refusing to stop. I had done this to him to save myself. It was payback for every time that he had hurt me, but was it payback anymore, or was it blood lust, was I that obsessed with death?! No! This was what he deserved, he had this coming, and this had nothing to do with me and everything to do with him.

The clock chimed nine a.m. and my Heroine had finally kicked in. My mind was a blank, happy slate as I watched the guard bring Damon out and onto the table. I watched his eyes pleading with me to do the right thing, but sadly he was out of luck. I watched them hook him up to the tubes, and then watched them push the button. The liquid was almost like an aqua color, it was mesmerizing. Then I heard him scream, and for a second I panicked and then the high set back in and I watched his eyes slowly close, and the beeping sound begin on the monitor announcing what most of us had already realized, than it was over. The high. Damon. Me.

I went back to the house and burned the bodies in the fire place, and called the realtor to put the house up for sale. I didn't wait for him to come and meet me, I just left. I slid into the seat of my car and pressed hard on the gas pedal. The pebbles hitting against the back of the car as I drove down the back roads, to where I didn't know and to where I didn't care, I just knew that I had to get away from this place. I just had to get away from anything that could provoke that temptation in the back of my mind. If there was one thing that I learned other than killing is an addiction, it was that jealously is both a powerful enemy and ally. However when it consumes you it becomes your life. Something that I don't think that I will ever be able to escape!!

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