Reality-Open Wounds

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this just came to me one day...

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011



The days pass endlessly

Without feeling anything

The wounds opened

Deep and bleeding

The healed scars

Ache with loss

A broken heart

So many memories

Now hidden away

Endless hope

In her world

She was only longing love

Now longing to forget

The oustside scars

Healed now

But they remind her

Of the pain…

Unimaginable fears

Haunt her in her sleep

The glassy look

Fresh wounds

Open, raw with blood

A shattered reality

Hiding out in the dark

Alone with no one to comfort her

She fell in love

Now she falls apart

A forever broken heart

A dead light at the end of the road

Should she run away

All the way to tomorrow?

Forget the lies told

Forget the pain and suffering

Forget everyone that has hurt her

Should she end it right here tonight?

A lost soul

Hurt and bleeding

All alone in this world

Open wound

Bleeding endlessly

She is now all alone…

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