UnWanted Sorrow

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I wonder if this sorrow will go away....

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011




My tear-stained eyes,

My broken heart,

All your lies,

Right from the start.


The words you said,

Knowing only could be true.

I should have fled,

Before I fell in love with you.


I saw you with another,

You moved on so quick

Could you get any crueler?

Why did you have to be so sick?


I have turned cold,

Wild and alone.

No longer controlled,

Forever unknown.


You left me shattered.

My heart now broken

Bruised and battered,

With words unspoken.


No longer able to trust,

Due to deceiving lies,

Unwanted lust,

And broken ties.


Sleepless nights

Endless tears

Blackened lights

Unmentionable fears


The pain is present

Shadowed by tomorrow

Forever unpleasant

Now unwanted sorrow


The empty feeling

The true light

Strong for dealing

For I have lost this fight


So now goodbye

I have to move on

And break this tie

Because you are gone


~Alie Marie 11/11/11

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