Whimsical Musings

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I figured I needed something lighter and less depressing, so I dug this out. :)

Submitted: January 21, 2010

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Submitted: January 21, 2010



Nothing is as it seems.

The clock ticks, but behind it, does a tiny man beat his fist against the glass?

The light flickers, but inside it does a firefly hover?

Frost coats your window in the bite of morning chill, but at night does come a sprite with his glittering brushes, to paint the grass with sparkling ice?

The flowers poke their tiny young heads from the barren earth in spring, but does a maiden of air whisk them from their slumber?

The grass is covered in fine drops at daybreak, but do tiny winged creatures kiss the blades with dew, before the sun's first rays?

Do they weave jewels into the spider webs and make them glisten so invitingly in the light?

And who drums on the roof amid the rainstorm outside?

Does a giant laugh and thunder splits the sky?

Do the naiads sing their enticing melody, and coax the moth into the deadly water?

Is life a dream within a dream?

Will we wake and find the Moonbird singing in peppermint breezes?

Do we dare to imagine…?

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