Sad Tragedy

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With the moon dipping in the dark clouds, it was only so much time left, before death approached me and my cold, empty soul.

Submitted: November 14, 2013

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Submitted: November 14, 2013



Dark grey clouds rolled in, making their slow enterance. They looked like determined clouds, puffed with the darkness and the energy that it had collected.

The moon was still hanging low, and it was beginning to hide behind those dark clouds, shying away from the world.

I was lying on the ground. A bloody conundrum I was in. A few simple slashes here, maybe a nice clean cut there. 

All was done with a steak.

It was only going to be minutes until the clocks around me were going to strike twelve. I waited for them desprately. 

"I refuse to leave you alone."

"I refuse to let another person interfere with us." 

"I refuse to let you die alone." 

"I promise to let us live Romeo and Juliet. In the way we always have been forced to."

The world wanted him, while it wanted me dead. I should have been dead years ago.

I was a love child, and was accepted into this society, while looking like the common person.

Our worlds were something much different. 

I drank blood, while he drank water. 

While I hid in the shadows, and he trekked in broad daylight.

Both our morals were different. 

Even our age was different. 

But differences refused to stop us. They were not able to create a barricade between us. 

Enemies at first, our families were not in favor of one another in the first place.

Hunters and Killers. 

But we never let this stop us. 

The night was our companion, the one that we couldn't live without. 

The letters that were written, were tainted with heavy and dark secrets. Secrets embedded in the blood of only so many people. 

He pulled me here, so that we could count the time it took until my death finally approached from withing the dark shadows. 

The Ticking Forest. 

With his thumb, he followed the flow of my bottom lip, one which was covered in a dark crimson. 

He kissed them softly, tasting my own blood. 

"What I would, to keep you here." 

"What I would, to never let you go." I whispered back. 

That was the end of our sad tragedy.

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