Look at me now.

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Its one of the longest Ive done atm. It's the one I thought about the most and made most of my mates cry at. Enjoy :)

Submitted: June 12, 2011

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Submitted: June 12, 2011



Look into my eyes,

Deep into the grey blue,

See all the lies

You put me through

Tearing me apart

Filling me with the dark

Beating my poor heart

Leaving your mark

Every scratch

Up and down my arm

Needing a patch

Never thought I would self harm

It's all your fault, you did this

The memories of you holding me

You used to call me your miss

But now I can see

The real you, a heartbreaker

Not my lover

Just a lie creator

I should of trusted my brother

I hate you

Welll that's not true

I loved you

And I still do

But not the you, you are now

The old you that made me a vow

To love me forever and always

To never hurt me

Too bad you broke that vow like you did my heart

... </3

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