True what they say love hurts.

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I had to do a descripted piece in english so I wrote about him,my ex boyfriend, about how i love him and miss him. Please give it a read.

Submitted: June 12, 2011

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Submitted: June 12, 2011



  Striking dark long hair, shining as he swishes it out of his cute face. His eyes, dark and mysterious with a bright gold ring around the pupil. Arms intwined, like ivy round a branch, around me holding me close, heart beating slow in reassurance. Looking down at his arms,I noticed an imperfection created by the harsh times he has had recently.Chrimson red-brown scratches up and down his angelic arms. Thirty on each, on both sides, my eyes cannot divert away. Why would he do it? Everything seems to be fine at the moment,isn't it?

Even though his arms are a horrific sight, I looked up to see him smiling, the cutest half smile I have ever seen and at that moment when he said those three important words I knew he ment them. Kissing his rough yet soft cheek, I felt his cold hands on my back, as I jerked away screaming because of the horrid temperature I heard him laugh, he chased me round, finally grasping me down. As he was above me pinning me down, I looked around his room: dull brown bed sheets surrounded me, dirty clothes from days ago were astray on the floor, our phones placed together like the way we lay together. Eventually I managed to get him off me, his dark grey-black top was ascew on him all tangled around his body. He looked like a mess, even so I never thought he looked better at any other moment.

Everytime I hug him his one million aftershave dominates his body, it smells amazing! It is the perfect smell, everytime I smell it, It remind me of him. When I miss him,I put it on my night-black jumper to make me smile and get through the day without him by my side.

Most things come to an end. Being with him was great, I actually loved him. However something changed in him. We didn't speak for three agonising weeks:I knew something ws up. To put my heart out of it's misery I asked him a question that chilled me to my very core. I said "Do you like me anymore?" my heart beating so fast almost out of my chest, I picked up my phone. He replied "Yeah..but not as a girlfriend". That was the end.

Heart broken and hurt.Once his face used to light up my day but now his cute smile just seems to crack my heart. The shiny,glimmering necklace he once gave me now, makes me cry.My dark eye make up run with the clear yet blue tinted tears. Duplicate red scratchs spread across my arms,like they used to, to him. Every mark beams the pain in my heart; only three weeks ago he told me...he loved me. What happened to us? It was so great and magical, now I feel dead and cold inside. It's right what they say true love hurts!

...The End </3

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