Mother? Father?

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About girl who ends up going to counseling and her parents come along and she starts threating them to ruin their perfect image.

Submitted: February 26, 2012

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Submitted: February 26, 2012



Mommy, you want truth?

Mom you should let go of your youth.

You and dad never get along.

Mother look in the mirror.

How can I learn without you near?

Mom do you really want to know?

Or is this another show?

Do you want more attention?

Is that why its my name you mention?

Mom, the truth is you lie.

So why can I?

You left me long ago.

Your a perfect mom to all. 

But me.

So I guess you want the truth free?


Daddy you want my help?

Dad your to weak.

You think I'm so freak.

You cant even keep mom.

Fathers you need to give to get.

But your lies you'll never admit.

Father you left me long ago.

Well do you want everyone to know?

This broken child will teach.

No, dont try to preach.

Its time.

Father Quit your silly tears.

Dad stand tall.

I don't know you at all?

I know enough.

You and mom lied to me everyday.


You guys made my life a disarray.

Let your daughter fall into chaos.

Then you stand and say its my fault?

You taught me everything I know.

And I guess its time to show.

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