Obstacle or Fate

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depression, sorrow, self-reflection

Submitted: July 16, 2008

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Submitted: July 16, 2008



Obstacle or Fate

Written in my books of rhymes all the words full of sorrows

So deep in depression I can't see past tomorrow

My thoughts are darker than midnight on Myrtle

As the blood starts to curdle

Life is longer than a furlough

If I can just get past this very next hurdle

I might emerge from this darkness

A being that is ever so heartless

Are liquor and drugs the solution?

Or does that create confusion

Life's an obstacle and choices are illusions

Even the truest revolutions began with a movement

Hallucination ofyour unifiednation

Please hold on an be patient

Discrimination created by your diverse nation

Facts are tainted when regurgitated

Demonstrated as actual truth

Is it a chemical imbalance that denies my talents?

Should I turn thoughts to malice or return words of violence

My patience has failed and I've turned to regression

As the coroner exclaims "his death was due to depression"

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