Gleam of Hope

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The following poem is something I did not too long ago. I was required to do a project for history, and I chose poetry. It is based on the continent of Africa, and it's history. It tells of how man first arose on this planet, the arrival of dangerous diseases, to the conflicts of war, the inevitable times of peace, the bringing of enslavement, and lastly the era of the present. Originally known as A Forlorn Land.

Submitted: June 27, 2008

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Submitted: June 27, 2008



As the sun relinquishes the day from darkness,

I see a desolate land below,

The land remains inanimate,

Vast and seeking nourishment.


As the animals strive for survival,

Death is all I can see,

Destined to linger with mortality,

At the hand of man's hatred and greed.


As plagues surge throughout this forlorn land,

Humanity becomes corrupt,

Compelled to suffer through this agony

Forever condemned to their curse.


As the day grows old and violence ascends,

Hatred spreads throughout the land,

Tearing at every woman and child,

Destroying everyone's hopes and dreams.


As the day moves beyond that horrible event,

Everything becomes serene and peaceful,

Loved ones become reunited,

And families strive forward in bliss.


But as the day approaches the end,

The freedoms of these people follow,

They labor in enslavement, yearning for death,

Until their souls finally escape,

And their bodies wither into oblivion.


As I watch this torture,

My heart mourns for them,

Wishing I could liberate them from these horrors,

And yet I can do nothing but watch in the end.


Stricken with grief, aching with regret,

I am forced to watch as the sun heads towards the horizon,

And the horrors that have befallen these people.


This is the forlorn land of Africa,

A land of vast pain and sorrow,

But in the infinite shroud of darkness,

I see a beacon of light,

A gleam of hope.

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