He Tried To Fix Her

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Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



He Tried to Fix Her

The night he had tried to fix her
She had frozen and shattered before his eyes
And scattered herself over his
Glass floor and he had grasped for her
Icy leg but it screamed and then
Ran away from his reach

The night he had tried to fix her
His shivering warm fingers had
Pressed the sharp cracks of her arms to
-gether and willed them to weld shut
But they moaned and wept and angrily
Sliced into his healer’s palm

The night he had tried to fix her
He grabbed her dismembered limbs and
Began sewing her together again
And for a moment elation!
But then one stitch at a time she
Unravelled and crawled across his
Body and noosed around his neck

As she lay there under that iron
Stormy sky she closed her eyes and
He knew that to fix her he had
To look beyond her broken body
And into the cinders of her
Soul and so there he lay next to her

And as he ran his hand across
Her lips they parted ways and for
A while he dreamed of the old days
And his palm it moved to the sheath
Grasped in her hand and he freed the
Cold hard steel
And he watched as it lunged into
Her stone heart
And he watched as her body bound around her
And clamped shut
As an oyster around its pearl.
And finally he watched the stone
Bleed itself free and he knew
That on that night he had fixed her.

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