a fictitious event in which Miss Havisham leaves her room to find her runaway groom.


Miss Havisham

I sat there that night and watched you from
Afar as you mingled with your
Mistresses and I knew then that
I missed you

Like the assassin who misses
Starless nights; his betrayal of
Tears no longer hidden
I missed you

Like the skies who roar in anger
And weep for autumn to come quickly
I missed you

When i sat alone in my blind
Bedroom I saw our wedding
Cake with fresh eyes and I saw the
Death and decay and I knew I
Had to have a slice and savour
My darling I will make you see
Just how very much
I missed you

After I had devoured our
Crusted cake I hovered over
To the webbed mirror and wept
As I saw the grey would be bride
Staring back at me with those cold
Spinster eyes in her yellowed dress
And I thought back to the time when

Spitefulness and righteousness stabbed
Like a dagger through the flesh of
My heart spraying anyone too
Close with colourless blood darling
I had to leave this morbid shrine
I had to make you see how much
You were mine and how very much
I missed you

And so I found myself staring
As you wooed another blushing
Bride in white but unlike me she
She was Mrs and I burned strong
And you fed my flame and I knew
It was my time to shine so I
Glided across the gilded floor
Past your happy party guests and
Pushing your bride aside I plunged
My aching knife into your heart
And I let your crimson colours
Dye my dirty dress as I said

-Therein lies the secret of a
Thousand whispers they can have my
Wounded heart but my untarnished
Soul belongs to you my dear
My unfaithful darling-

And as I looked into your horror
Stained blue eyes I felt it beat
And break in half and so I laughed
Because I could finally see
You missed me too.

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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