Part Three, No Love Lost. Only Found

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Part Three

Submitted: December 08, 2012

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Submitted: December 08, 2012



Part Three ?

“Ms. Imani Brown, you have a 5lb6oz healthy baby boy and a 5lb1oz healthy baby girl” the nurse told me. Shit, I wasn’t paying attention to anything she was saying. All I could think about was the beautiful angels in my arms. I couldn’t believe they were finally here! “Baby, say hello to Kyler Drequan Brown and Erin Nicole Brown!” I said. Even their names sounded angelic. It had been the roughest nine months but i made it through it. I really think my babies are gifts from god, they just happen to be born February 14, 10 days after my birthday.

There was a lot to think about while my babies were getting cleaned and tested. Don and they left to get me some real food so I was all alone. It gave me peace and quiet so that I could think. There was a lot of shopping to do. The nursery is all ready for the babies though. Don and Drequan have been working on the nursery. They broke down a wall to have two rooms become one huge room. The painted Kyler's room green and Erin’s room pink. My thoughts just started trailing off. I was so into thought that I didn’t realize Dre walked in.

“Hey boo, ya miss me?” was all I heard before I almost jumped out of my skin! What the hell was he doing here in my room? How did he find me? Where were Don, Chloe and Drequan and most importantly why is he out of jail!? I was breathing so hard I was afraid my lungs were gonna stop working and my heart was gonna jump right out of my chest. I could get my words out as I spoke “Whattt... aree... Yo.... you doing out of jail?” He had a slick, evil grin like I should already know the answer. I was shaking like crazy I wanted to call the nurse in but I wanted to know why he was here!

“The Police mess up the DNA, so my charges got thrown out the window! Guess I’m just a lucky bastard” Dre said. Yeah! At least he got one part right. He is a bastard! He is the king of bastards! All I want to do is smack everything off of him. The ugliness, rudeness, just everything! He disgusts me so much! i was so caught up in the moment. I swung at him. I was still very weak from the delivery and my arms aren’t that long so it didn’t even reach his face. He grabbed my arm mid-air and twisted it all the way behind my head. All I heard after that was POP! He had dislocated my shoulder.

“You asked for it now bitch!” He screamed. He jumped on top of me and started beating me in the face. Every time his fist made contact with my face, my vision became blurry and blurry. In the process of all that he shoved his big self-inside me. All I could think of was where everyone is! He held a gun to my throat and said” If you scream, I’m going to kill you.” Just so I know that he was serious. He shot my foot. I tried to scream out in pain but my voice wasn’t coming out. He dropped the gun behind him and went on with raping me.

“Get off my girlfriend now nigga, before I beat your ass!” I heard Don say. All I could feel were Dre’s dick pull out of me and a big pressure being released off of me. Everything was a blur. All I remember was Dre and Don arguing the police came. After that, I blacked out. When I woke up, I was alone again. I got scared and started crying out Don’s name. “Baby, I’m right there! Don’t worry.” he said as he ran to my side. I had bandages all over my face, my arm and feet. Both my leg and arm were in casts. When Don came in, he had saw Dre on me and instantly went for the gun. She shot for Dre but was so upset that he missed. He ended up shooting me three times in the leg. That’s why I blacked out. I lost way to much blood. There was blood everywhere. My hospital room was a crime scene.

I assume all this was behind me, it had been a year since the first rape and I had just somewhat recovered. Now this son of a bitch wants to come and attack me again. My thoughts were interrupted by “madam would you like to press charges?’ Apparently my facial expressions weren’t enough. “The fuck?! What kind of question is that? Of course I want to press charges on him. Some dumbass let the man that rapes me out of jail and he came back and raped me again!” I said through sobs. Lucky Don came to the rescue “okay, my wife just had labor, raped and has had surgery all in the past 36 hours. So if you don’t mind, can you leave our room or I will sue the police department with harassment. I’m so serious!” Don said. They grumbled and walked away.

“Your wife!??” out of the whole thing he said, i only heard that. He called me his wife. Not his baby, boo, babe, bae or anything like that. Nope! He called me his wife! “What is up with that?” I asked him. Before he could answer, Drequan walked in. Don gave him one look and he quickly left. It must be serious because Don never tells his brother to leave like that. I wonder what it is. Don drops to one knee. I gasp and my eyes get really big. He just looks at me. “Baby, what are you getting all happy about? I'm just trying my shoes.” As he ties his shoes he pulls out a box.

“Baby, Imani Renee Brown. I love you from the bottom of my heart; you are the sweetest, smartest, funniest, specialist, beautifulness person I know. When I first met you I knew something about you was different. I still don’t know what it is that keeps me so interested in you but I love that you keep me guessing. You bring joy into my life every single day and I thank god for sending you to me. I appreciate you for who you are! I’ve seen you at you lowest points and I stayed when you needed me the most. Basically baby, I want to be in your life and Kyler and Erin’s life forever. Forever and a pregnancy. Will you marry me” before he even finishes his proposal I started to cry and scream!

I know people say that bad things happen for a reason. Well now I understand why they say that. The worst possible thing that can happen to a person happened to me. I was raped twice, beat up and had to have surgery all because of Dre. But truthfully, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have ever met the love of my life. Don and Drequan packed up my stuff and got the babies ready to go home. I thought about my life. I have two beautiful kids, a fiancé and wonderful family. I don’t care what anybody says I’m the luckiest girl in the world. A lot of love can come from no love at all.


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