Nightmares Never End

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A young man, in his late teens, wakes up from one nightmare and finds himself in another. Each nightmare he is being chased by the same creature who forces him to watch all his friends and family die before it comes for him. The man's goal is to find a way to finally wake up before the creature ends his life in his own nightmares.

Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010






A white padded room welcomes the sun’s warm rays, through a single barred window, in it’s perfect solitude. The white padded walls enjoy the silence while bathing in the light, reflecting its warmth and beauty. The room is well lit with this single window. No other lights interfering with it’s peace. A single bed, bolted to the floor, enjoying the same peace with the room. Helping the walls light the room by reflecting the light with its white sheets and pillow. Within seconds the silence and peace came to a sudden halt as the white padded door opened and a young man, wearing a straight jacket, was shoved in.

The young man fell to his knees as he entered this place against his will. He seem to be in his late teens. Medium length brown hair, parted down the middle. He was wearing a black polyester pants and white tennis shoes. He glances over his left shoulder, back at the door, revealing his bright blue eyes. The dried up tear stains that ran down his cheek and the redness that surrounded the beautiful blue expose that he has been crying.

He stands up slowly and turns to face the door. He grinds his teeth and charges for the door. He slams into it hard with his right shoulder. As his body came to a sudden stop, his eyes clench shut and he looses the air, in his lungs, that he was holding in to give more weight to add to his momentum. He took a second to catch his breath then ran to the other end of the room. Glared at the door as if it was his mortal enemy. Like a crazed man looking to destroy this door just for being there. He let out a violent scream as he charged this evil door, that is keeping him from his freedom, with all his might. His right shoulder slams into it again but this time the pain scattered throughout his body. He clenched not only his eyes tightly but also his teeth as the pain traveled to their destination.

He force back the pain and tears just to allow his mouth to part open and scream “Somebody help me!”

“He’s fucking coming! Let me out of here!” the mouth continues to shout hoping someone out there would listen. He backs up to the other end of the room again, quickly. Makes another hateful glare at the door. Takes several rapid, deep breaths and charges for the unbothered obstacle again. Just as his body reach its maximum speed, he quickly spins around and turns the broad side of his back into the battering ram. All the wind was quickly forced out of his body during impact. Again the door never moved. Laughing at his futile attempts. Can’t bare the pain anymore he slides down the door.

“Please, someone let me out.” he said quietly.

“I’m not crazy! He’s going to kill us all if I don’t get out here!”

Again no response from the world outside the door. “God Damn it, will someone please listen! He wants me and will kill anyone near me! Let me go!” he yells. He places his head between his hands as he sits on the floor with his back pressed up against the door and begins to cry.

“I’m not safe here.” he whispers.

A loud piercing scream interrupts his crying. He looks up as he hears someone running down the hall towards his door. A voice, over powering the sound of hard sole shoes banging the tile floors, is heard. “What the fuck is this thing!” Something slams up against the other side of the door. Keys are rattling, letting the world know that it’s handler is panicking. The teen’s eyes widen when he hears the ruckus right outside his door. “Hurry up, get me out of here!”

A voice yells back, from the other side “I’m trying! What the fuck is going on!”

Just as the teenager was searching for the words to respond to the other man’s question he hears the keys hit the floor and the man begins to scream. The teen presses his ear against the door and at that precise moment a large blade pierces through the door, as if it was made out of butter, inches away from the teen’s nose. Blood streaming down the door where the blade entered the room. The blood soaked blade disappeared from the teen’s sight in a split second. He screams and panics, then pushes himself away from the door with his legs. He continues kicking the floor with his feet to force his body far away from this door as possible. The door opens slowly. The young man presses his body against the wall with the single window at the opposite side from the door. A thick white fog begins to pour in as the door opens. The small room fills up quickly with the eerie fog.

The young man closes his eyes and repeated to himself over and over again quietly “This is just a dream, this is just a dream.”

He feels an awful presence enter the room. He couldn’t hear it’s feet hit the floor but he could hear it’s harsh deep breathing. An overwhelming, intense feeling begin to fill his chest. His heart jumps up into his throat. He tries to swallow back down just so he can continue his useless chanting. He presses his eyelids together tightly as he feels the presence of something horribly evil making it’s way closer.

The burning hot air of it’s breathe stings the victim’s face. He screams “It’s just a dream!” A slimy slithering object, that can only be assumed as a tongue, makes contact underneath the young man’s chin. The tip of it’s tongue wraps around the chin. A sharp sudden pain as if being stabbed and burnt at the same time is felt just below his lips. He feels blood running down his chin. As the tongue continues to retract back to its origins, the sharp pain continues to follow the tip of the tongue. The teen’s body trembles, as he feels the hot burning air on his cheek, with intense fear. He feels the blood running down his chin forcing him to realize that this isn’t a dream. But he still continues to hope that isn’t real either.

He keeps his eyes closed tightly, not wanting to see the face of this horrid thing that is about to take his life prematurely. A deep, raspy whisper fills his left ear with hot air. “Jimmy boy!”

Without warning, a large hand with razor sharp finger nails forces it’s way through the man’s chest. The sudden pain and the shock of the realism forces the poor guy to open his eyes to see his reaper. Burnt dark red flesh on what appears to be a face but it has no eyes. It’s long pointy white sharp teeth part open allowing a sadistically long tongue twist and turn in mid air. He could see tiny little spikes at the very tip of it’s tongue. As he tries to gasp for air, the creature pulls out his still beating heart.

A light flicks on! The young man springs up to a sitting position in his bed as he hears the voice of his father.

“Get up.”

He quickly places his hands on his chest, searching for the wound. He begins to look around the room slowly. Seconds go by before he realizes that it is his room. He takes a deep breathe of relief and falls back down onto his pillow.

“Holy shit!” was the only words that escaped from his mouth.

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