Dream real and true

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without the abitity to dream we wonder through life based souly on fact and life is not made of just fact; its the ability to create.

Submitted: September 21, 2007

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Submitted: September 21, 2007










Dream Real and True


I seen the sunrise this morning and blinked my eyes, wondering if what I had seen was real or not ;

If the feeling I felt was true or not. I closed my eyes again trying to see what I had seen in my dreams.

I felt the warmth of the sun gleaming across my face and could smell the scented aroma of the flowers which cover the landscape. I could  see the deer and elk still congregating in the fields with  some youngins  suckling their mother's milk.... Birds,  flying across the sky. Oh what a glorious feeling it is to be alive and knowing I am blessed.


You were there in my dream just supporting me with your kindness  and compassion, extending a hand and reaching out if I needed a bit more strength, you , my friend, helper and sometimes companion. Always willing to offer a kind word  though sometimes in your heart you truly  did not agree with my thought..  Thank you for that my friend. 

People often question the motives of one person to another, but I choose  to hold to the idea that each person is  and should be looked at individually and not be judged for what they look like or what they think. After all aren't we all human  and made by whatever has placed us here in this time ?

Our blood is the same and we each have hearts, livers, bones;  though our skin and eye color may be different.We all still breathe, live and die.

I could feel my heart beating , my blood running through my veins, the hair on my arms stand up when a chill  touched me . something told me inside what I had already known, I wanted to be loved and desired...... needed like I was a true focal point in someone's life. I wanted..........."To be loved." In this dream of dreams I felt all I wanted to feel, seen everything I needed to see and knew everything I needed to know.

My dream is real........  I am alive and blessed.. Blessed  with the servitude  of a past life and knowing what my heart and soul has to offer will be received at the right time and the chance of loving once again forever will happen and will be honest.

Is my dream real? Well isn't everyone who feels and breathes, everyone that has a heart and soul whether we judge them good or bad .... Anyone who has a mind, young or old, man or woman . Just close your eyes and imagine the tenderness and unconditional love and exceptance.Each made to feel like a glorious summer's day sitting beside crystal blue water taking in all that feels alive. Imagine

Laying your head upon a soften feather pillow and a bed made of clouds, restful and secure in all that is life and joy.


Is this a dream, maybe so but one I know is felt in all of us.

Thank you mind for the ability to dream.



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