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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

When two people have found each other and feel compelled to be one there is nothing to do but to release all restraint

Shadows dance upon the water like small glistening stars in the heavens; shapely trees eight men high, branches as arms stretching to hold the next one beyond. Scent of pine feathers through the air engulfing the earth in all its beauty.
The river flows along the landscape traveling its endeavoring journey, where does it go, where does it lead or end? Fish in a mill pond, crawdads eating algae pooled amongst the bank; daisies dancing in that gentle land.
Close your eyes oh precious one, hear the words of earth’s lullaby; cradle yourself in sleep with dreams so soft and sweet. Sounds of the night blissfully sweep across the hills and water; crickets chirping and nightingales sing a sweet sweet song. Amongst stars that dance a babe lays out a wee little cry.
In the meadow with grass and dew; pine cones, flowers made of red yellow and blue. A fragrance tantalizing as cotton candy teases the nose with ultimate wonder; fills the heart just so tender. A magical moment there for all to see, this is what life offers thee.
Big dipper, little dipper far up there in night cast’s elegance awaiting to be pondered and made visible for you and I to see; Taurus the bull, milky way, Aphrodite and god of Zeus look down and proclaim….. Look to the heavens and it is there we always remain.
Golden blanket cover thy world as a gem so polished and rough, cradle within thy bosoms every step gentle and sure; compelled to wrap tightly as shadows drift across the land. Sleep oh world resume your travels in the light of a new day reaffirming and new. Touch thy gentle spirit and intertwine with compassion of which it takes.
Shadow be a companion to wind, moon and stars to a new day’s dawn; vibrabrently casting to mold yet again, in life’s twilight it’s circumference beyond any human eye to see. Magnificence, beauty and grace came to earth’s arms enveloped the soul and spirit granting the most empowering truth………. Life giving and life sustaining earth with all its entity is there and subtracts nothing and asks for very little, all its beauty stands in the middle. 
Chapter two
In the twilight love was born
It’s mid November, the wind has just a slight chill to it. The sun still shines and brings warmth to the birds as they sit amongst the tree branches and the elk and deer wonder down from the high hills to another grazing land. The dominant bull elk stands on the high hill knoll over looking the herd, watching and listening for any signs of danger. He has proclaimed his herd, female and fawn alike….. Making sure that any intruder doesn’t try to undermine his status.
Across the meadow huddled down under a bushel of thorn berries a red fox lays suckling her young and warming them from the chill breeze that blows. Three little babies not even a week old snuggle closely, whimpering and pushing one another to get to mother fox’s milk teat. With their eyes closed and tiny little ears and cute spanker tails wagging as they climb over one another, mother’s gentle growl saying “its okay little ones, settle in and rest” The day moves on as the sun dances through the sky and begins to set on top of the mountain to the south.
The elk still stand in the meadow nibbling on the sweet grass, a sound is heard……….. The bull elk which stood at the hill top screams out his yielding call, a sound heard far and wide echoing through the valley. The herd of 40 or so elk immediately raised their heads looking in all four directions and looked up at the leader and he barreled again his call, in that instant the herd began to run frantically across the north end of the meadow but unaware of what the alert was. All the herd of elk knew was that leader bull had led out the call and than ran to lead them away.
What noise or smell brought the bull to alarm and where was it at? What danger could befall them?
Bang! Bang! The sounds of gun shots loud like fire crackers echoing through the trees and the sky. Faster and faster the elk ran, escrowing to and fore going anywhere they could to find safety. All you could see was these magnificent horns and brown tan bodies disappearing into the brush.
As suddenly as the sound appeared and disheveled as the herd where they once again came to rest within the very same meadow they had ran from…….It was peace once more. The sun had completely set and thousand of stars appeared in the cool evening sky, a three quarter moon floated ominously shinning down through the trees .
A face in the moon holding a smile gently lights miles to east, north, south and west; nary a sound to be heard from animals nor man. A small shimmering of light sparkles far beyond in the next clearing, the smell of wood piled in a fire pit, sparks and sounds snap,crackle,pop. There is a shadow of two people standing just a patch or two from the pit; hand in hand they look to the stars with such peaceful look and thought surrounding them.
A new start, new beginning, all the time to see and feel..........Life is ongoing and ever turning, sometimes going so fast there is no moment to know who or what is right. Tonight, this very night we do proclaim" with stars as witnesses and moon as teacher this day and every day a new and wonderful beginning." To learn patience, gentleness, kindness, strength and wisdom, to love as we wish to love and to give back what has been lent to us. This world borrowed only for a time, these bodies given to hold and to be held. We are like seedlings upon this gentle ground; we are the care takers of everything which we see...................We are of love and open heart.
Earth a most magnificent and gentle crest, living and breathing; giving life to hold within the hand. Love, a most alluring and tasteful fruit, and woman tied together as one seed.
Written by

Submitted: January 03, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Forsure. All rights reserved.

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