Hope Shall Not End

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In life there is always hope, many changes, many reasonings of one's heart. It is the spirit of life that allows us to grow and the helping hand of another that sometimes gives us strength.

Submitted: December 07, 2007

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Submitted: December 07, 2007




Hope Shall Not End


Hope shall not come to an end..

Journeys take one step after another; each foot step closer to wishes and dreams so gentle and pure, hand in hand love walks and discovers; hopes of passions far out reaching the one before. Day by day awaiting patiently a kisss gentle embrace, ache to feel the magic of heart and undying grace.

Hope shall not come to an end

Flower oh flower continue to bloom, oh little birds sound out a celestial tune; reach to the heavens and beyond being compassionate and hold his heart all honorable, powerful and strong. Redeem his thoughts; embed them on a gentle dream.

Hope shall not come to an end.

Golden green of the grass spread far and wide as a ocean surpass and cover a minds gentle love; hold within thy strong enduring hands all the peace and faith thee has given to this man. Hold upon him the cover of hope and seal heavens music like a gentle touch within his very soul.

Hope shall not come to an end

Journey take one step after another bring forth all this and more earths greatest gift; patience, understanding, strength and spirit reborn grant to his life and never be torn. Hope shall not come to an end..

Lifes adventure beginning at the start; seeking, walking patiently seeing even the leaves upon the trees; stars abide within thy light floating within indelible air.

More powerful than before thy whispers are heard; Thee touches ones heart more compelling then the first. Ye sing through softness of song and of an undying season. Hope shall not come to an end..

Oh granted the gentle embrace, mind, heart and soul; this place and sound by spirits divining hand placing upon this earth a magnificent and deserving man. Oh thank you spirit of life anew; thanks to you for his blessing in life accepting and true.


By all dreams and reality they walk hand in hand desiring and giving loves magic and life reaffirming dance; today and tomorrow in a new morning light blessed be all thy wonders in life. Bestow upon him again and again smiles and strength that shall never end.

For with one step after another, by grace and strength carried with love, hope will not come to an end.


Diane L. McAuley 11-06-2007

Golden green of the grass so beautiful and fragrant spreads across the land, indeed wild and beautiful. One of earths greatest gifts for all human kind to behold. Scents of lavender, wild violet, pine, cedar and brush; bloom in time one after the other, sounds of birds echoing near and beyond; so elegantly sweeping ones spirit high into the heavens. Oh glorious wind lift my wings, allow me to soar upon your gracious stream. Beloved oh beloved it is in my heart I hold you close; what gift can I bestow upon your gentle hand?Written By

To Michael-

A mans whose heart gives

Openly and with great compassion.

Thank you for making a difference in my life.





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