I'm Sorry

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When you fall in love sometimes you are blinded to reality. Where you would see things and fault with something you become blinded and don't always see the harm that may be set before you "UNTIL IT IS TO LATE"

Submitted: April 11, 2008

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Submitted: April 11, 2008



“I’m Sorry”
From across the room our eyes met such a beautiful smile and tender eyes.
Hello, my name is Bo, can I sit with you? Oh how I remember his kind and gentle way. Held my hand and kissed me on the cheek, told me how special I was… only wants to love and be with me.
How my heart soared. This love of my life, forever will the love be real and we’ll be a family. His thoughts sounded so good and pure, he made me feel sure.
Said hello to old and new, spoke never to anyone that he never knew. His eyes began to turn green, the monster, the evil thing.
Slept with them his only words and than my face began to burn. Though my words I love you sounded in the air only came pain and despair. I’ll be whatever you want me to be all long as you stop hitting me.
I’m sorry, it’s my fault you hit me, I provoked you I know. Please love me still for you said no one else will.
Hit me till the blood dripped down my lip, I’m sorry it’s my fault dinner is late. Again you say you love and want me….placing your hand upon me.
Now six feet under all I can see is dirt; my soul drifting trying to get my body back.
Mom, dad, my children……….my life is gone.. Bo my love, you beat me again because your socks weren’t folded right.
I believed he’d never hit me again, believed when he said I love you …even when he hit again.
As blood drained out of my body and take my last breath… it’s to late to get help, to late to get out.
But I love him I said; it’s my fault…..I’m sorry I’m dead.
Written by DLM 4-08-83

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