It is this and more

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Cameo felt so much a part of the garden and park and the history of it. She hadn't felt so much a part of someone espcially like this. Her senses came alive again for the first time in a long time and she felt so much peace. She wanted to tell Miguel how she was feeling about him but could not bring herself to say the words. She didn't want her time with him to end, she wished it would go on forever.

It is this and more
I didn’t realize this was back here; Cameo replied. As many times over the years I have walked through this park I never knew it was here. It is so peaceful and so beautiful; I can smell the trees and the flowers in bloom she said as she walked hand in hand with Miguel. She felt so at peace, perhaps for the first time in a long time.
As they walked Miguel was explaining the history of the buildings to her, almost as if she could see them even with her eyes closed. Miguel explained this big house almost directly in front of them was originally the home of one of the founders of this park. Describing a fire place and original furniture that the house still held inside; some of the original bedding and bed, an armwaue for clothing. The sitting chair and even the lamps and throw rugs. He pointed out a window of which he was allowed to stand at and look out and how the character of the house held so much history itself. Across the yard a small fenced area, originally held the dead bodies of the children whom had passed and were buried there. There was an overwhelming sadness that hovered over that site as she thought of the hard life they each may have endured and how their lives were short lived; but Cameo also thought how much their spirit held to this place and of how magnificent their spirits soared through this heavenly place. My god what it must have felt like to endure such hardship and still overcome it with dignity and grace?
Miguel put his arm around Cameo and escorted me to another building but with each step taken they looked at the trees and the flowers up around the front that were still in bloom. At the next building was a small cottage and storage area, truly again embedded with history and the contour of the house flowed so comfortable and gentle with each part it connected to. The windows which were originals to the house other than maybe one or so which had been replaced due to vandalism over time but still the home was in original wood and the carpentry so elegant though to some might appear to be plain. Indeed a marvel of craftsmanship and such intuitive thought it must have taken to build such a home and quarters for their workers. With each stepCameo felt compelled to know more and her ears listened eagerly as Miguel spoke.
Miguel, Cameo said; you should have been a teacher because when you speak you do it with such elegance and understanding. You speak in a way that even those who do not really comprehend gather and process the information given and your voice has such a character about it that people are fixed upon what you say. Miguel said yeah, thank you. It’s just the way I am, I’m pretty laid back. He said it with such clarity it made her smile.
The next building we are looking at is the old school house and up at the top where the bell is the tour guide would let you ring the bell if you chose to. This building to holds such elegance but to Cameo it seem to hold far more than that. Standing quietly for a moment she felt like she could see the children running a playing; little girls in their calico dresses and hair blowing in the wind as they ran chasing each other; little boys in overalls some with shoes and some without playing stick ball and screaming at each other “catch the ball…….Hit a homerun”. Cameo’s face lit up like the sun on a spring day just imagining the wonders of those children’s play time, how it brought memories of even her childhood back.
The scent of the flowers and crop garden caught her nose and she looked toward the garden and Miguel pointed out a small rabbit which was eating what appeared to be a part of an herb plant. This little rabbit so small almost would fit in the palms of a grown man; quite cute with its grey and white fur and those dark brown ebony eyes which sparked like stars and whiskers the moved as his mouth chewed on the herb; so sweet and so much felt like he indeed was part of this glorious place. He sat there for a few minutes eating and then in a flash he switched around and hopped off in the opposite direction with little tail basting the ground as he went.
Miguel placed his arms around Cameo for a moment and pointed out the herb stocks standing just left of the smaller herb garden. Quite fragrant some were and indeed a foot or so taller then Cameo as she was only five foot and one inch tall. She thought to herself, could there be anything as fragrant and taste tantalizing then this. And then just as she turned she saw a flower garden which contained several species of flowers. Mums, pansies, roses, sunflowers andsome she was not quite familiar with. They all caught her eye like a child in a candy store. She walked up to a patch of mums and took one into her hand, goodness it was almost bigger than her hand and it was shaped like a ocean creature with many teniquels; only difference this creature had a wonderful fragrance to it and it filled her nostrils with sensuous flavor and feeling. Golly Cameo said, breathing in again the glorious fragrances of the flowers and she felt so alive. Partly though being with Miguel she felt alive, how he made her smile and she felt like a young woman whom acted flirtatious and felt warm all inside.
It had begun to sprinkle a bit but to Cameo she didn’t mind and as for Miguel he looked quite sexy frankly with the raindrops flickering off his face and his hair getting wet. They came upon a garden containing corn and squash and Cameo looked at the pumpkin and declared………It’s almost bigger then I in height, and a egg corn squash which had grown partly on the wire trellis. They stood there for a moment more and looked at the large pumpkin; it almost seems to have a face the way it was laying. Oh indeed a comical thought. Miguel suggested they could go get the car and camera and drive back to the garden a take pictures. And happily they did go and get the car but on the way back to the car they would stop and look at the different trees, there was Cyprus and Elm and one looked as though it was Almond tree or some sort of fruit tree.
Cameo and Miguel walked around more after snapping pictures; he took one of her standing in front of the pumpkin and though silly as it seemed she felt somewhat liberated from everything that stood outside in the world, truly being one with what and whom she was with. On the other side of the garden there was a gazebo with hanging ivy and roses and even Indian paint brush flowers. This was the place for the perfect picture; so elegant and graceful like a fairytale. Miguel set the timer and then stood behind her with his arms around her. What a feeling to feel such strong and tender arms again she thought to herself, his touch took her breath away.Taking in a deep breath she still smelled the fragance of all that surrounded her; sweet suculent pansies, roses,lylacs and some even like cotton candy.
She remembered the first kiss and how she felt feeling his lips upon hers; so sweet and soft at first and then in a overwhelming and compelling moment his lips were pressed tightly against hers and his tongue was enveloping with hers. There was no beginning and no end. It had been so long since she had felt the touch of a man and even longer of tasting him and feeling him upon her she could not bear the thought of stopping.
His hands upon her breasts gently teasing the nipples with touches so soft and cupping his hands around them and finally moving her to him and taking the nipple into his lips and suckling them. Dear god how good it feels she proclaimed. She wanted to feel her hands touch his skin, to feel the power the pulsed within his jeans; she could think of nothing more and she knew that with every moment that passed she wanted him more. Sounds funny but it was more than just his touched she desired but also the sound of his voice to hear him speak in the gentle soft voice. The look in his eyes as she touched him and how willing his body was to be over taken by both their passion whether it was making love or just holding each close for awhile. The smell of him still lingers in Cameo’s mind and the taste of him envelopes each taste bud, his body naked upon the bed glistening in the candle light still as fresh as the moment it happened. She felt as though it didn’t matter for how long ; she had found her companion and she felt as though he tugged at her soul but she could not even think of such a thing for more than a second because she could not speak the words. She felt like a beautiful woman and wanted to in power Miguel with all the wonders she was feeling and wanted to give him even more.
A day filled with laughter and smiles; a mind enthusiastic with sight, words and feeling; never really wanting it to end. Such joy enthralled her and even more compelling was the desire to be a woman again and to bestow upon this man the fire which burned inside her.
It is this and more that had brought her a calm spirit; Cameo thought this beautiful man has come into her life and she wished to share all that a world could and should be and have him take her into his and bestow upon her his inner desires. Oh this day; it is this and more.
Written by
Diane L. McAuley

Submitted: September 28, 2007

© Copyright 2022 Forsure. All rights reserved.

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