Mother Nature's Wrath

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As the flood waters rose so did the unity of humanitarisim.Man were without food,shelter and home. Many whom were in nursing homes were evacuated. We did survive, we did survive.....and we will rebuild

Submitted: January 02, 2008

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Submitted: January 02, 2008



Mother Nature's Wrath
Today the magnatude of life hit, the whirlwind of suffering, uncertainty, confusion and being afraid. Life in all its question brought forth the hand of mother nature, instilling upon human kind that she not us as humans were in controll.
The rains dropped heavily down upon the land; whipping trees, flowers, grass and all plant land alike. Drop, drip, drop continuing to sound it's horn upon the roof tops......rivers rushing like full blown white water, tiny little pools and ponds becoming lakes and lakes becoming small oceans. To what degree do we stand in hip high water boots, when do we say it's time to move our animals and belongings to higher what words do we hear "Don't hesistate,go now and have patience to wait" We had become the two by twos' of Noah's Ark.
Children nestled within their beds asleep and very unaware, parents away at work or asleep as well go un noticed by mother nature and her wrath. Drip, drop continues echoing through down spouts and gutters and the water continues to rise. Where indeed is the calmness of a child's faith.......for fear now has taken it's place. Horses, cows, dog, cats,chicken and all small creatures sreach for higher ground, calve high.........hip high and now higher and higher, crops and ground unable to soak in all the moisture and wet. Where do we go from here now.
Traffic stops and some float away, people yelling I'm here, I'm here........ where thought had been once common now becomes unattended fear.....bravery and intellect have no place here, mother nature swarms all around there. She is in controll and we must simply abide, we cannot run we cannot hide. Beds become airless floats, boxed foods soaked through out, children's toys covered in soot.........mother nature has lifted her head proclaiming anything and everything within her path.
Rains have slowed and water has subsided, now clean up and rebuilding begins. One call for help leads to many many more and hands have reached out. Man, woman and child standing in line, hands passing from here to, blankets,toys,clothing and more. It is now we find truth, trust and much much more. Survival and strength stand hand in hand, each person young and old, a thought or a word.............a good deed has been done. Working together and finding each in all the world's glory it is not you, it is not me but "US" equal and lending a hand. We will rebuild, we shall survive and with mother nature's hand we have found better understanding and hopefully respect for all her magnatude.
By principal each of us are different by color,race or creed but under the sun and coolness we all find warmeth and a gentle breeze. This a day as many will live long in the memories of young and old and it is with this hopefully we find peace given by grace and being humble and know truly indeed we can and do survive.There is nothing as humanbeings and working together and leaning on one another that we as people cannot overcome. To share what we can and to give thanks to each and everyone is the greatest knowledge of humankind.
Written by
Diane L. McAuley12/2007

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