This Place is Home

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When you know peace of heart and your spirit finds comfort you realize you are home. The beauty that surrounds you brings great joy; listening to the sounds of the earth you don't have to be blind to feel the significance of home.

Submitted: September 20, 2007

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Submitted: September 20, 2007




This Place


I stand before you world, naked in emotion.....Awaiting the wonders you have to show and teach me. I stand here very still, close my eyes and take in a deep breath.


Listen my mind says....... Do you hear the wind softly rustle through the trees? You can faintly hear the leaves on the trees, rubbing branch to branch. Almost like their talking to each other. My senses pick up the bubbling and whooshing sounds from the creek waterfall in the next property across the way. A gentle sound to loll a babe to sleep. The crickets chirping and the grasshoppers rubbing their legs together as they move from spot to spot land in the warmth of the sun a mid eve.


A woodpecker is knocking his beak against the tree and I can hear the knock knock like Morris code being carried through the trees. I blinked my eyes and looked into the sky; there I could see a pair of eagles gliding on the wind. How beautiful they are with wings outstretched. How marvelous and graceful and proud. My eyes in such awe of the glorious wonder here at this place.


There's such a feeling deep inside I truly can not explain; a passion and desire that was once shared for a short while. Feelings that I had thought died long ago. Love and Faith , A time when I believed and knew there was love and unconditional acceptance and that anything was possible.


Glancing back toward the end of the meadow a doe and fawn come walking into the meadow pasture



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