The First Hald

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Is the old me the new?

Submitted: May 01, 2015

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Submitted: May 01, 2015



500 bars of straight dissing and truth500 bars of straight dissing and truth500 bars of straight dissing and truth500 bars….Ok, ok, ok, here I goAbout to split the millennium in half with the H2O flowMakeup on your face, created a brand new raceThought you had an elegant grace when men chase?I’m the man to breakFrom the great life of a single, I more rarer to find then a steakConfused like blue’s clues, it’s time to pay your duesOmg! Since you have no man to do itHaHaHa! You start the drama, it will end in karmaTry to make me change and wind up in some chainsNo amount of booty, can change final decision of my lifestyleSo go and add the enhancers to your pileI’m a magnetic field, sitting on the outsideWaiting for any of ya’ll to attempt to get on my rideI’m going to just to slide, instead of calling you my brideI’ll say I love you and then shout out “I lied!”This is before the blast, after I passI’ll lift the boobs up from your chest like a gasYou can’t contain me, I’m sticking like glueYou wanting to scare this ghost away with a booI won’t drain, I will reignYou try to flirt with me and I will drop my liquid like rainThis is lyrical wealth, you better act stealthOr the fakeness of your brain will give you that bad healthThis decapitation I use on the nation is called a gas stationCause I’ll catch fire on it before you buy some vibrationIt’s too dangerousTo attempt to sway me a certain way with a weak looking French KissThe huge clot blocking all the blood andPumping from a bloodless heartEvery furnace will reduce the amount of your jewelryLike “Pow”, like I’m a newer meI’m a genius to you, ok?I’m smarter than you, I feel like Einstein’s brain is getting teased easily by mineDon’t even try to hook me up with any of these fake B cupsMost don’t know love, the others are the un-pure doveOk, it’s back to the realIt’s back to the past like a wheel, like the models on deal or no dealHaHa, that’s right… come on at me and give me all you gotCatch the swine flu and boil inside the melting pot, yeah!None of your lies are obviously tricking meSharper than lie detectors and more accurate than pro inspectorsNever been a collector’s item, never been boughtNever been in a drama movie, never been shotI don’t care if you wear short skirts and tank topsAnd even no shirt thinking me look at you will make me squirtI’m not some pushover, I don’t letNo girl tell what me what they want me to hear to make my brain slowerThere’s no way to trick me, or persuade meIf you try, you just wasted a lifetime supply of air, you seeYou fakes better stay far awayOne clip will make you go blind, with more water than the Hudson bayI’ve been a stronger manTook all the weak outHeated like a metal canIn the middle of a desert landIt’s been eighteen years since I haven’t been with some fleshBecause I don’t have a cash flow or had all my muscles growI’m the owner of all stores, control the hoesOnce they see I banned makeup, they’ll overdoseOh coke rolls and avalanches of my snow flowsThe powerful has busted through the open doorsThey like “What the hell, Forty, why you still taken?”I’m like “I was never for the baking and he shaking.”People around the world will say that I’m one of the only peopleThat will cut the females brain more sharper than a steepleThis is so Dinner with ShmucksBecause I’m too intelligent to fall for the trapI’m going easy with 500 bars in a rapLike I just mentionedThis is 500 bars while at the same time I’m melting them all with tensionInstead of relationshipsYou sir, are so unluckyReplace to P with that T and you’ll be in a relation with shitMan, I’m the truth spillerAuthor of a non-fiction tellerHourglass figure shows the time before the killerAll of these females just fill the relation with DRAMAExtend the clip and mold the face into an actual LLAMAGot some brass knuckles on since you seem kind of HUNGRYTry that story telling on me and I will act kind of FUNNYOn typical days, I walk around my current college campusAnd see short shorts with fifty degree weather with usIt’s like possibility of Santa Claus doing drugs and pillsThen killing the elfs on Christmas day while he’s higher than hillsJames McGale, knock your teeth out, but with bracesMake them crooked, make you cry at the mirror facesUntil the glass breaks and fall down to your kneesLooking up, balling, hands in fists, yelling “Please!”When the lyrics are read, it sounds one of an angered boyMaybe so, but like a dildo to a hoe, it’s my sex toyI rub it into your face, smearrrr, smearrrrMess up your makeup making you look like a unorthodox deerYou don’t wanna diss against me because my line will beMore fire than that tan can handle on nude beach

100.  Speaking of tans and spray tans possibly

101.  Think you look good, but it looks like you’ve been smoking trees

102.  Uhh, attention please?

103.  You don’t want to be laying down in a attention stance

104.  In a wooden coffin for coughing about the male dance

105.  Umm, I’m not even close

106.  I haven’t even reach the climax

107.  Of the treetop, so I give you the ax

108.  So when you decide to take a swing

109.  At the tree, check the rings

110.  Inside to check the experience inside I bring

111.  Yeah, uh, yeah

112.  The carbon layer of the lead

113.  L.B.C which is the Losing of your Bread andCake

114.  So don’t be putting me in the category as other guys

115.  With the cheating, and doing everything, and then the lying

116.  Fat up your body til you decide to commit suicide

117.  Then send you to the graveyard to be the Grim Reaper’s bride

118.  I think of life…. And I know that mines will be great…..

119.  I think of life…. And I know that mines will be great…..

120.  I think of life…. And I….

121.  And I know what will be right in life and what will be wrong

122.  Muscles on all sides of my brain, I will grow more strong

123.  The larger the loss, the longer, the pain will stay

124.  Until I see there are bigger things in life and I don’t need her

125.  Attack the heart, of me, in my own stage

126.  You will be frozen, when you touch the floor of my emotions

127.  My name is Forty, don’t you see, multiply that by three

128.  That’s the age I’ll decide to get with a she

129.  They don’t care, with sweats on and tied hair

130.  No makeup, with no tan or fake cup

131.  Got past all those enhancers, job not a strip dancer

132.  Choice of a smart chancer, gives both questions and answers

133.  Do the truth and honesty to you, from the Winter to the fall

134.  It’ll be hard to find one, there’s probably none at all

135.  On this Earth, and I’m just saying this planet

136.  With the lies seeps into the core and granite

137.  Listen to you, so you can give your own side

138.  And not assume that theirs is right and you lied

139.  That is called.. a relationship in action

140.  But it’s just a fraction, of this corrupt world, so I got your back son

141.  If I do adopt one, I will then be open

142.  If he wants one, but won’t let him get sacked like Big Ben

143.  So he can, find a good woman to marry

144.  And not to just have her have his cable cord like Larry

145.  Maybe there will be a few good ones

146.  In the future, if we’re not still in losses, but in “wons”

147.  Cause I know today, there are none to be found

148.  Actually there’s one in this world today, the best flesh friend of mine

149.  So don’t be stopping for a dime

150.  When you could have had a dollar and now you’re paying a crime

151.  I think of life…. And I know that mines will be great…..

152.  I think of life…. And I

153.  And I think I don’t wanna see my son sad

154.  Scratch the think, I don’t wanna see him mad or sad

155.  When all the love starts, I wanna see him having fun

156.  And them loving each other while there both glad

157.  Victorious feat, to not cheat, to prove all of these girls wrong

158.  So don’t get caught floating inside her song

159.  Try to learn the way of how they try to blow you brain away

160.  So they can blame you when you sway

161.  Undeclared women, thinking all men are the same

162.  A bunch of lame, and we all play the same game

163.  Always acting so stupid, intended to put the tensions

164.  Into intense sections, putting us deeper and deeper in trenches

165.  Girls will go and lie, and women will catch your eye

166.  Females will stab and pry, and shorty’s will swing their thighs

167.  We got a life to live, well,

168.  Let’s start it off with a friend and education

169.  And skip the basic flesh relation

170.  Condom avoider, but we’re not thinking of the same meaning

171.  You already know mines, so give it to those other men

172.  The hot spiller, spilling a million while you feeling

173.  Verbal gun, drilling and clipping all the women

174.  Eye watching, seven days, fifty-two weeks

175.  Picking wrong men, getting with all the weaks

176.  Enter the blast of Forty, all power

177.  All strength will be contained by the Horrible of the duo

178.  …… You ready for this? Let’s go…..

179.  You are on a different stage, one poke will give you rage

180.  Lift your gauge, have you scratching at the my bars of the cage

181.  Got you wanting to get at my package just like Mr. Johnny Cage

182.  Cause they know they emotions boiled up, more heated than some sage

183.  People be quick to predetermine my relationship, because of one man’s mistake

184.  Made me seem miss-taken, but here the chalk, screech

185.  Put your body between it, I’m probably bout to draw an outline of your figure

186.  Which is a toothpick after I pull the gun trigger

187.  Click, click! Only thing I hear in here is gunshots

188.  You are hearing cries, out for help in Forty’s parking lots

189.  Girls committing suicide because they man don’t have money

190.  Maybe my gun will show you light to make you more sunny

191.  My truth is legitimate, literally true, trust me, girl, I know it’ll be hard

192.  To trust a man since everyone thinks that we’re just liars and cheaters

193.  People just expect me to break a couple

194.  Like I saw his chance empty, and my own cup full

195.  Ha! I only mess with women that are S.F.L.

196.  Ha! You probably thought I meant sex then you truly fail

197.  When I write my pen ink gets meniscus and  too liquid

198.  Just like the water I use so you I can get rid

199.  Of all of the stereotypes and stereo heights, on the radio and televisions

200.  Of all the shows that lean toward one side like a lopsided collision

201.  How ya’ll truer? We can go on a show

202.  I won’t be scared of no lie detector test, it can’t contain my truth flow

203.  Enough will all this Facebook, status posting about all men’s looks

204.  The engraved graves inside the graveyard, don’t pull the sexist card

205.  It’s just all useless like a unprotected guard

206.  Going after one was probably my biggest downfall

207.  My other lifestyle is the dominant sound call

208.  …..Guys, guys!... Here comes phase 4…….UH UH!

209.  Now what you know about a real good man, with a attention span

210.  One that starts with Mary and doesn’t switch to Jan

211.  One that doesn’t care about the outside, or the amount of tan

212.  Or when it gets hard, he commits the hit and ran, I said

213.  Now what you know about a real good man, with a attention span

214.  One that starts with Mary and doesn’t switch to Jan

215.  One that doesn’t care about the outside, or the amount of tan

216.  Or when it gets hard, he commits the hit and ran

217.  Ok, look, all women say I’m always fake,

218.  And if that’s right, I’m the realest fake man you will never break

219.  It’s been eighteen, and I see that all of them want something bad

220.  To happen to the man so they can feed on the stereotype or fad

221.  Even though there are gold diggers and porn stars, Harry Hine hoes in sport cars

222.  They say there gender is perfect, how in the hell will we respect

223.  I’m living more single than Queen Latifah

224.  If I had my own reality show, it would get a single view since we’re all mafia

225.  You think I like the swing of the hips and the lick of the lips

226.  And the oh-so-curved back and my hands temptation to booty smack

227.  Then eyeballing the space between your boobs and your crack

228.  And think my dick would get fat?

229.  So I split out your brain like an integer atom

230.  Then bring swings to this fake madam

231.  I steal makeup, high heels, and extra tight clothes

232.  Since all you are pro hoes

233.  That couldn’t hold your liquor if we offered you some dough

234.  Maybe cause we offered a thousand

235.  I see that wasn’t enough for you and you wanted another grand

236.  Now what you know about a real good man, with a attention span

237.  One that starts with Mary and doesn’t switch to Jan

238.  One that doesn’t care about the outside, or the amount of tan

239.  Or when it gets hard, he commits the hit and ran, I said

240.  Now what you know about a real good man, with a attention span

241.  One that starts with Mary and doesn’t switch to Jan

242.  One that doesn’t care about the outside, or the amount of tan

243.  Or when it gets hard, he commits the hit and ran

244.  Now what you know about a real good man, with a attention span

245.  You don’t know squat, so when you see one plot

246.  You need to be one of a kind, to even try at my mind

247.  I stopped all the stereotypes and forced them back on the dikes

248.  I’m sure it ended in fights, hands swinging and weaves pulled

249.  A bunch of wigs thrown and a bunch of shirts dropped

250.  With some D cups popped, so when you said you was as real as morning

251.  I came up to your house and killed you in the night as you were mourning

252.  About the pounds and the weight, you were five-eight, a hundred eight

253.  And your daily serving was a piece of fruit and some water on a plate

254.  The life was shrinking, but you still didn’t eat to impress men

255.  You really thought that the condition you were in was a physical ten

256.  If you say that we are so shallow

257.  Then why do you continue? It seems that you’re a little callow

258.  And if we always cheat on our girlfriend

259.  Then how do you explain your tight pants pulled down when picked up a pen with a bend

260.  We all cheat and lie? From Susie to Jane Parker?

261.  How do you know, you slut powder filled stalker

262.  And if we did with always getting little boneys

263.  You must of known, and slept with all of them, you little phony

264.  I got it straighten out, come on and take a shot

265.  I’ll leave you limping, not thinking your trot was hot

266.  I bring on the swat, but not talking about the swat of the ass

267.  You couldn’t make me even rub the cheeks of it even at its maximum mass

268.  But you can take a try; let’s see what under that sleeve

269.  I’m not talking tattoo, weave, or cleavage as my pet peeve

270.  Because you can have fake nails, fake booties, and fake boobies

271.  But couldn’t convince me to jump on you for the birds and bees

272.  …. Uhhhhh MAXIMUM POWAAAA! L.O.L….

273.  Brung in the paper, green stickers in the squares

274.  Saying I was telling the truth, we should have been a pair

275.  If you don’t believe me, greive me

276.  Put in your two cents, end up with coal on Christmas Eve

277.  Sticking out the bare finger, waving them around

278.  You don’t even know my last name and now were wedding bound?

279.  I’m not fresh, I just got money

280.  I flash it everywhere and I can get every honey

281.  Run and tell your girlfriends about my cashflow

282.  I’m rich, I’m Bill Gates with even more dough

283.  That convinced you to be with me

284.  Fake love and commitment since that wasn’t free

285.  My friend “The Brain” is too smart you ya’ll

286.  You gonna need those high heels just to get past my great wall

287.  I have three letters for you females, S.F.L.

288.  Brung in the paper, the girls forced me to take Bayer

289.  Skin started to get wrinkly, hair started to get greyer

290.  I’m running away, trying to get away from all the sluts

291.  A second ago you said I was a man for the butts

292.  I’m looking for a place to hide all of my riches

293.  So I can isolate from all the hoes, sluts, and bitches

294.  Clawing their best friends, giving them wounds and stitches

295.  Just to get a shot at my bread, faster than baseball pitches

296.  … Short song… Let’s get it SON!

297.  Its - time - to - bring - out - the – liar

298.  Well – look – at – the - pants – on – fire

299.  Burning – your – clothes – and – then – your – life

300.  No – need – to – use – a – butcher – knife

301.  Its - time - to - bring - out - the – liar

302.  Well – look – at – the - pants – on – fire

303.  Burning – your – clothes – and – then – your – life

304.  No – need – to – use – a – butcher – knife

305.  Looks like your getting angry, not being so kind

306.  Take your eyeballs out, put them on your head, read your mind!

307.  I advise you to take my advice and don't generalize

308.  Or ill beat you so hard, murder will decriminalize

309.  Can we all stop with this narrow-minded thinking?

310.  Making so many generalizations your brain started shrinking

311.  Believing anything that the media decides to say

312.  They're starting to bug me and I forgot to bring my spray

313.  On the other hand, I didn't forget my flyswatter

314.  Impossible to beat this swarm. \"Someone bring me some water!\"

315.  Smack us, attack us, whack us, and crack us

316.  Give us a blister pack in the house of Freddie Mac

317.  So if truthfully know that all men cheat, lie, and ignore

318.  I truely think you've slept with all of them, you vicious whore

319.  How else would you know, you crazy crackhead stalker

320.  Luckly I don't like a makeup drowned sweet talker

321.  Damn your feelings if your not committed to listening

322.  Look at that, your true face is in the process of glistening

323.  I call it ugly, cause it is, so I put you on shut down

324.  And told you to shut up since your just a common noun

325.  Hmm, so your telling me we always walk around with no shirt

326.  So don't tell me you never wore high heels with short skirt

327.  Makeup city, with french nails, and a high cut tank top

328.  Waiting in line for an hour to get into the beauty shop

329.  Ever decided to ask if that kind of stuff turned us on

330.  I for a straight fact know that I would like a different swan

331.  One that had on sweats and abandoned this called makeup

332.  Get it, \"MAKE – UP\" also called fakeness in a cup

333.  Then if you don't believe it, well hey, get the hell away from me

334.  I might as well believe that your in for all the money

335.  Yeah, ive heard the sayings \"No one wants a broke man\"

336.  At least his inside isn't broken, now go get yourself a tan

337.  How do you want me to prove it? Take my damn heart out

338.  Let my body start to die and the hole in my chest spout?

339.  I collaspe while waiting for the results to come in

340.  It's on a lie dectector test, getting deep in my skin

341.  I'm practically dead, and you start reading the paper

342.  Yeah I'm not lying, now I'm breathing water vapor

343.  Rushing trying to put my heart back in my body

344.  Saying \"Your the only man left, I'm sorry I didn't agree\"

345.  I yelled \"Damnit!\" and then threw my heart across the bedroom

346.  \"I told you, not all guys wear a halloween costume.\"

347.  But your still refuse to choose and listen to the news

348.  The media's on a cruise, giving this nation a bruise

349.  Wow… I’m getting there guys… sorry

350.  Ima diss til I can’t diss no more

351.  Live til I cant live no more

352.  Speak til I can’t speak no more

353.  Til I can’t write bars no more

354.  Until I’m Horrible no more, I said

355.  Ima diss til I can’t diss no more

356.  Live til I cant live no more

357.  Speak til I can’t speak no more

358.  Til I can’t write bars no more

359.  Until I’m Horrible no more, I said

360.  You all be hypocritical, until it gets all practical

361.  Let me explain real quick, so you know it’s a trick

362.  I said when you in one you forget about how they cheat and lie

363.  And say that they all don’t and you feel like your floating in the sky

364.  Then that very thing happens to you

365.  It looks like your naïve self will have to pay some dues

366.  People know he’s mean of a shark, but as sneaky as the dark

367.  Oh gosh here we go, about the statuses in this park

368.  Now you come and say, that all men are heartless ass pimps

369.  … Ok, this song aint going good… NEXT!

370.  I'm the real dough, cause that's the only thing your in for

371.  If I'm a known pimp, then your surely a certified whore

372.  Despite zero expirence, I just can't take it anymore

373.  Now your gonna have your body TAPED onto the FLOOR! (ahhh!)

374.  Rip your skin off your face and see another layer, it just curled

375.  I'm the conveyor of my own city like a mayor, top of the world

376.  If I have two women at the same time then you can say player

377.  Any other reason Ima have to call in my personal slayer

378.  Yeah, I'm back with a uncommon vengence, didn't ask for your two cents

379.  Ever since you thought you made sense, your thoughts just got more intense

380.  Your level of pretense is at the sixth sense, forced me to make my body tense

381.  Because the things ill do to you are still in suspense

382.  You thought I was gone, when you turned, I sneaked behind your behind

383.  I put a bomb in your back pocket, because your blind, and thought I wanted to grind

384.  But I didn't want to grind, and as you will find, the timer was at a downward wind

385.  Then it blowed your butt up, main destruction of mankind

386.  You need some glasses, but I'm talking about the ones you drink every night

387.  Because those triplets you see are one person, we need to get you in some light

388.  It's like your brain crashed on flight, not on autopilot at a limited height

389.  I will bite with addition, I will bite like a mite, I

390.  Only talk to male men, not meaning gay mail

391.  If you talk to me female, you will be in my mental jail

392.  I only enlighten when I bring out the lightning

393.  Screw the girl like lighting, then I gotta light her

394.  Check out the flyness of my 500 bar diss, metallic bar piss

395.  Then a shit, I won’t even come out of the stall with a hand rinse

396.  … Time for all my skinny ladies in the CLUBBBB…..

397.  Don't be offensive and use defense to cover up the truth

398.  Your not acting so smart made me knock out your wisdom tooth

399.  Were about to have beef even though you have none

400.  On your body with a verbal assult that's firing like a spring gun

401.  Come on, don't run, I'm doing this for fun you little hun

402.  Don't be mad cause my flow weighs about a solid ton

403.  Like a sandwich, I'm about to go ham on this carbon microphone

404.  Hydrogen blown into your organ like my own, I'm in the zone

405.  Decapitate you, shove my hand down through your neck and grab a bone

406.  Rip it out, while blood spews on everyone, you start to disown

407.  I roam into your thoughts with the head I just took off and see something

408.  Your brain's swelling from the massive ego, it was like stretching out a spring

409.  I easily got rid of this trouble with a left and right swing

410.  Finshed it off with a blow so hard I made my own brain ring

411.  I tore your brain apart just like an atom was split in my lab

412.  Like a first class cab slash a prefab I drove around in that slab

413.  When I saw the stuff you were thinking about, it was looking pretty drab

414.  Because there was a massive slab and a crash in the master tab

415.  Oh dear, it looks like someone strolled over and called you beautiful

416.  Went to your head when you saw a fool start to drool out a swimming pool

417.  Thought you were cool, thought that you were your own precious jewel

418.  Like a spool, it's time to wind the thread out your mind and release the fuel

419.  What's so attractive? A toothpick covered in Proactiv like it's radioactive

420.  A lump of toxic waste with a bump in her life like it was refractive

421.  Flush this garbage down the toliet because this a dump that I don't give

422.  Hey, I'm just making it easier on her since she didn't have long to live

423.  You better be a Weight Watcher with my friend Atkins down at South Beach

424.  Your hair looks bleached, your whole body looks bleached, sucked like a leech

425.  You used so many diet programs you should be charged and be impeached

426.  I'm getting tired of learning, so I will be the one to teach

427.  All different times of the day I catch you slacking looks like your resting

428.  Looks like your sleeping, but it's not the rest that your investing

429.  It's the diet your digesting, and in a minute I will be requesting

430.  For the doctors and Psychologists to come and give you mental testing

431.  Yeah, you need some mental help, along with with full course meal

432.  Then ill dog you so bad, I'll start to make you bark just like a seal

433.  Then come at you so much, ill turn that bark into a squeal

434.  While your crying for help because I see your fruits, your starting to peel

435.  Oh, looks like I'm starting to fatten you up like the turkey that you are

436.  Stuffed you, like I did the point blank range punches to your face when I spar

437.  Finally understanding that I am the czar

438.  Finally understanding that I am the one that will run you over in my verbal car

439.  I call myself Forty because ill be drinking a Forty while telling a story

440.  About running laps around your fat head so you know I am sporty

441.  Like I said, that's the only fat thing on your body and I'm being figurative

442.  Like the cylinder figure of your body and it's half empty so it's not active

443.  Let me fill it up with the unattractive then soak it up like it was absorptive

444.  Then split your skinny body in half so your soul will be emancipative

445.  Sit in the back, strapped in duct tape, like a duck quacking

446.  Speed in my car for five minutes from California to beijing

447.  To make you gain weight, accumulation of the dust as it started to cling

448.  Having you yell \"Xing Ping\"  when the weight scale starts to spring

449.  From low to high and you start to freak out uncontrollably

450.  Five – Five, about a hundred and four pounds and rising like the Phillipine sea

451.  But it's something you can't flee, so Ima torture you until you start to plea

452.  Your probably desperate enough to pay me a million dollar fee

453.  What? You just wrote a check for a million and put it in my hand

454.  And then demand me to let you out my car, have you gone bland?

455.  I can't stand you to withstand my rules without my stand on my land

456.  So I took it, demanded another grand, but didn't let you flee from my land

457.  What is your problem? You act like you don't have a solution to all this

458.  You know I don't love you, but either way, I'm taking your life with a soul kiss

459.  Watch you fall out lingering, then open your mouth and insert some dark piss

460.  Because that's 92 percent of you, im being a little soft in this diss

461.  I'm deciding to not go hard like a boner on steriods dipped in radioactive waste

462.  Held up by a brace so it won't be placed on some ground paste

463.  Yeah, I went that far, I'm just speaking the reality you faced

464.  I'm not acting like a imposer God so don't compare me to that Lil B Based

465.  If you don't like me now, you shouldn't have did it in the first place

466.  Now your sitting in last place, your name and body being a disgrace

467.  I'm not even close to done with you, I'm just starting to come out the blast

468.  A blast so powerful, you ended up needing a little over seven body casts

469.  You haven't even felt the inital pain yet, it happenend so fast

470.  In other words, you'll be later feeling the bad memories from the past

471.  Come here girl, didn't your parents teach you better than that to not mess

472.  With your body like that, im about to suppress the fake success

473.  The stuff I'm doing to you seems better like if we were making progress

474.  I think ill continue with my doings, lets just hope you have finesse

475.  Take the dash out of X-Ray and bend it like I will do your spinal cord

476.  After I floored the gas pedal in a 18 wheeler produced by Ford

477.  To run you over because it would be easier than using my sword

478.  Even though it's not materialized, I think I got myself an award

479.  I'm tortuing you by waving around a donut and a bag of Doritos

480.  With some Cheetos, a box of cheesy nachos, and a pack of burritos

481.  A bunch of fattening potatoes and a bunch of fattening tomatoes

482.  And you can't completely forget about all those greasy Fritos

483.  Shove all the food in your mouth, and make you digest it all

484.  And if you throw any of it up, your gall I will start to withdraw

485.  I hope you learned your lesson and won't go on another diet plan

486.  I'll be tracking you every now and then like if I was a laser scan

487.  Don't try anything funny because I don't have a large patience span

488.  Or ill mess with you so much, you would think it was internet spam

489.  I'll make you eat your own throw up, even if throw up from that

490.  Don't try to run away like your some Staurt Little rat

491.  If you run away, I will force you to eat yours and my scat

492.  By the time I'm done with you, your going to be terribly fat

493.  Yeah! That’s the end guys

494.  I’ve changed though, Im not dissing ya’ll no more… ok?

495.  But don’t be crying after all of these….

496.  500 bars of straight dissing and truth

497.  500 bars of straight dissing and truth

498.  500 bars of straight dissing and truth

499.  500 bars….

500.  Ok, ok, ok, here I go

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