The End of the New

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This story was a recent assignment for English! I have never written a science fiction novel so please tell me all your thoughts on it! good and bad!

Submitted: February 22, 2010

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Submitted: February 22, 2010



The End of the New

On that dark, cold night, I remember laughing harshly at the people who thought the

world was going to end. That was December 21st, 2012. But was I ever wrong.

Hanging out with my friends, Jacob and Sam, we were watching the news unfold on 2012

on television. There had been reported tsunamis, earthquakes and tornadoes all over Europe and

Asia. When I was young, I had gone to Mexico. Visiting the Mayan temple I learned about 2012.

Hopefully where I lived (Washington D.C., U.S.) Would be safe.

Sam’s living room was dimly lit by three of my favourite jasmine candles and the TV.

Outside in dark night the streets were full of people, rushing and on cell phones. It seemed as if

apartment 26C, Sams’ apartment, was the only relaxed place in the world.

There was a sudden bang. "What was that?" Sam shivered. The three of us ran to the

window. A man with a shotgun was shooting up to the sky. "I’ll get you, you maniacs!" I looked

up to the sky. All I saw was pitch black. Zap! The electricity went out. I could hear a distant

scream. Then my phone vibrated: unknown number.

"Hello?" I croaked.

"Hello, you brats," a deep chilling voice replied.

"Who is this?" Jacob yelled into the phone.

"That answer is fortunately classified," the man boomed an evil laugh. I pressed the end button,

but nothing happened. I tried to unlock my phone, but still, nothing happened. Then, I could hear

the man on the other line chuckle. "Trying to runaway from your consequences sweetheart? Well

maybe you’ll change your mind when you hear that I have your little brother hooked up to an

electrifying chair. Perhaps you want to tell me your father’s dirty secrets before Aldège never

sees the light again?"

"What are you doing with him?" I screamed into the phone. "You have no right! He is

only six years old!" I almost smashed the phone because I was so mad. "If you put one finger on

him, your dead, you hear me?"

"You’d better watch it, Zoë, or you will never see him again," the man warned. "45

Westbro street. Be there in 20. And bring your friends." The call ended.

I turned to look at Jacob and Sam. Their face was full of worry. "How are we going to get

there that fast?" Jacob asked. Even though it was pitch black, I could make the outlines of my


"We don’t have a car, but could you call in your secret service?" Sam said thoughtfully. I didn’t

know what to do. I was still frantically thinking about how scared Aldège must be, wondering if I

should just run there.

"No, I can’t, my phones locked from that stupid guy. C’mon let’s go, I have an idea." I

ran out the door.

Running out onto the street, I stopped a Hummer. Opening the car door, I excused us

from our inappropriate behavior. A man in his 40's was dumbfounded. "Look I’m really sorry sir,

this is a matter of life and death here- I’m the presidents’ daughter!" I quickly added. "Please

forgive us later." I pushed him out of the drivers’ seat and onto the street.

Accelerating with the gear shift, I raced away from the awed man and into the direction of

the address. "Sam, give me directions on your iPhone, Jacob, tell me when I’m there!" I barked. I

was driving pretty well for a first-timer, without lessons. Despite my depression, I was actually

quite amused with myself.

"Turn left onto Main," Sam ordered. I did a sudden jolt at a red light.

"Oh no," Jacob groaned, "the police are on your tail."

"Let them," I decided. "If this has to be the car chase of the end of the world, then it will

be." In my rearview mirror, I could see my friends smiling and laughing.

"Go straight past Edward until you get to Water," Sam instructed.

By the time we got to the final destination, I was panting. Mentally and physically.

I aggressively opened the door to a white hallway. "Where is he?" I hollered. My voice echoed.

"Where are you, you creep? I told you, if you put one hand on him..." I looked through all rooms.

The building looked like an abandoned hospital, until I got to a room where I saw my brother.

"Oh Aldège, it’s okay!" I said, soothing him. He instantly hugged me tightly around my


"I’m glad your here," he whispered. " I missed you. The boogeyman is out to get you!"

"Don’t be silly," I told him, "There is no such thing as-"

"Oh yes there is," the same deep voice from my phone growled behind me. I slowly

turned around. A brown, ugly creature walked out of the darkness. "You call us ‘aliens’, but were

actually boogeymen," The boogeyman grimaced. "You, Zoë Hart, have all the answers to your

fathers’ secrets. He was the US president, the highest position on earth." He stared at me with

his frightening yellow eyes.

"I really don’t know what you are talking about," I finally responded, feeling a lump in

my throat.

"But you had the closest relationship with him in the family," he snapped, obviously

feeling impatient. Moving closer towards me, he looked me right in the eyes. "You know there’s a

bomb underground that has 40 seconds left on it. I have a remote right here," he said, holding up

a yellow remote, "that has an off and on button. If you decide to tell me the truth, your world

will be safe. If not, well," he chuckled, "goodbye to you all."

I closed my eyes, mind racing. Putting my hands in my jean pockets like I usually do

whenever I’m thinking hard, I felt a piece of paper that made me flush when I had realized it was

my science homework. My teacher had asked my class to pretend to be the president and write a

deadly secret to aliens. I remembered asking my dad if he could help me with it as a joke, but I

think I saw him actually write something serious.

"Three seconds left," the boogeyman grunted.

"I’ve got the truth," I spat out quickly. Unfolding the Hilroy lined piece of paper, I could

see the boogeyman’ eyes feasting on what was in my hand. Slowly, I handed it o him. He

snatched it from me, then pressed the off button.

"Zoë," Sam whispered. I turned around and she was holding peppermint spray. I then

quietly unhooked Aldège, sprayed the beast and bolted out of there with Aldège in my arms.

"Buckle him up," I ordered to Jacob as soon as we got into the hummer. Zooming off into

the night, I felt my eyes stinging as I watched the White House from afar burn away in flames.

2012 was true after all.

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