i was upset bout something so i wrote about it. enjoy :]

December 30, 2009

If i was to die, would you even bother to cry?

would you have the heart to say goodbye one last time? would i even be in your thoughts when your awake?

or will it just be as if i was never part of your life? when your sleeping will you think of the awsome time we had?

or will you just stuff our precious memories into a box, erasing them from your thoughts. was i ever even your friend or was i just a toy, that you'vedecided to throw away.

will you miss me that much that your eyes desive you and make you see its me, waving hello out your window.

will you run to my appearance and say my name, while tears fall down your face becuase you relized it was just your head playing games.

if i was to die would you feel the quilt, of letting me die slowly, knowing you could of prevented it all.

knowing that i loved you all this time and that you felt the same way too. letting me die slowly every day, letting every feeling disapear into the silence.

when will you relize that i wasnt really gone.

that you were just feeling the emptyness that come along with your actions.

that you've been caught up in your mind.

letting it fool you and pulling you into the tricks that you'd be devistated if they'd be true.

i stand infront of you now and ask you: if i was to say goodbye, would you care enough to stop me or will you stand there and watch me leave forever.


Submitted: January 21, 2010

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