I've Been Set Free

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A heart-felt touching Easter story, retelling Palm Sunday events. Enjoy the short story!

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



I’ve Been Set Free

Just endure it, I told myself. I stood still, my head hung low, with flies swarming all around me. I was tied up, so I couldn’t run away. My son, tied up beside me and less willing to stand still, stomped his feet and jerked his head in anger. He was getting bigger, stronger, and no less spirited.

“Just try to endure the flies a little longer,” I tried to reassure him.

“I’ll try,“ he obediently answered, and hung his head. How my heart ached for him.

“Place your mind on something else, something wonderful,” I encouraged.

“Mom, I wish someone seeing would see us in misery and untie us, so that the two of us could run from the flies,” he shared, mostly out of spite. A fly landed and crawled close to his eyelid and interrupted his daydream. He lowered and shook his head.

“No one ever seems to notice us, Mom,” he confessed. The truth be told, I agreed. Our outward appearance rarely turned heads. Although I have tried hard for my son, my own head has hung lower and lower throughout the years. The swarming flies taunted our meager existence. Hope, and the love for my son, kept me standing.

The skin on my legs twitched in reaction to the flies, and I tried to move my legs very little. I resorted to gratitude for the moment to teach my child endurance. Yet, this moment changed quickly.

“Would you look at that! Ha!” shouted a man’s cheerful voice, coming closer.

“Ah! Here they are, just as we were told. Not that I doubted…” answered another man.

“Sure you didn’t,” the men joked as they began to untie me and my child.

What is going on? Anxiety plummeted within me. Who were these two men that so confidently untied my son and me? Out the door came my owner.

“What are you doing? The donkey and colt belong to me!” my owner exclaimed.

“Yes,” the cheerful man answered, “and our message to you is this: The Lord has need of them.”

I looked up at the owner. Although unbeknownst to me, joy beamed from his face.

“Oh, Blessed is He! Your servant has only one request: that you take the donkey’s colt along with the mother. They are very close.”

“Jesus already knew that, friend! He sent us to bring back both!”

Who? Someone sent for us? He chose us?
With that, my rope was pulled by one of the men, and I walked beside him eagerly. I turned my head to see that my son was also with us, and his face held the same excitement.

Although a few flies tagged along, I sensed they felt intimidated, and their nagging decreased.

“Ah, well done!” I soon heard. I then felt hands under my chin, pulling to lift my head, These powerful, comforting hands washed a flood of belongingness and love over me. My eyes met with kind eyes that consumed me with great strength. Furthermore, a peace comforted over the surface of my skin – the flies were gone!

I knew this Man, for He was the One who has dominion over me.

“What great strength and endurance. Good mother.” He stroked my face as He spoke.
He turned to my son, “Mighty colt! You know Me, don’t you?”

My son was restless on his feet in joy, all pestering flies now gone! A smiling crowd of people watched.

In single-mindedness, my son and I hungered to serve our Master. Within minutes, clothes were laid upon our backs, and Jesus sat on the back of my son. A path of clothes were laid on the ground for my son to carry Jesus upon. For a small moment, my son froze in astonishment, and then proceeded forward. My dear boy! He humbly hung his head so that more of the King could be seen. I followed behind.

The crowd honored the King: “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!”
This was the day that my son and I were not overlooked. Jesus chose us. He loved us. He healed us. He filled our desires to serve Him.

He was crucified a few days later, and many said He was dead. I knew it was not true, because I saw Him, and He saw me. He stopped to pet me and asked, “Are those pesky flies bothering you anymore, dear mother?”

They can’t, I thought, never again.

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