31st Street

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A short story i wrote during halloween for fun ^_^ comment and I shall return the favor :D

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012




31st Street: Meet Mrs. Martin


Moonlight penetrates the late October blackness as Jimmy Martin walks carelessly down 31st street. A street that's riddled with stories that make most people move away and run and if it wasn't the myths that scared you, the violence sure would. Murder was always on the menu on 31st street. Name any crime that could be committed in Whitewater City and most likely it happened on 31st street not once but, twice. Now, I knew Jimmy and from what I can remember he did know most of the stories that came out of 31st street because well, he told most of them and just like most teenagers in the year of 2011; Jimmy believed he couldn't be touched. So as he walks down 31st street with his parade of arrogance and plastic mask of calmness being shown clearly to the hidden eyes in the shadows, he all of a sudden finds himself lost. “Now where is it?” he thinks to himself as he pulls out a thin piece of paper that read “1314 31st Street.” “Now that has to be close” he thinks out load for he senses, in his ultimate wisdom, a wave of silence coming over the street. The street goes extremely quiet and all Jimmy could hear was the beat of his heart and footsteps. Cold air filling his fragile lungs, he tries to ignore the fear inside, for the feeling in Jimmy's heart was the same as a sky diver whose parachute didn't deploy. The fear begins to intensify as he hears a scream in the one of the apartments above. Jimmy glances upward to see blood splattered all over a well-lit room on the 5th floor. A body is seen crucified to wall with a smiley face painted on the chest and on the wall it reads “Let's all join hands and start a love train”. “I'm OK, I'm OK” Jimmy thinks out-loud to himself “as long as I stick to my guns I'll make it.” Then as Jimmy turned away from the bloody scene, his vision began to blur. Jimmy's empty and naive mind hits the smooth pavement with a sound that brought complete joy toward his assailant.

Jimmy wakes up in shackles that hold him firmly against the pale blue wall of what seems to be an old glass factory. He screams profanity and sheds his now fear stricken tears for what seems to be hours. His assailant walks silently toward him with a hatchet coated in blood. “Hi Jimmy” the voice says in a very calm voice “you must not be so loud or it will ruin your chances” Jimmy's masked assailant begins to laugh loudly until Jimmy spits on him. “oh no no no Jimmy you should no that revenge isn't served best cold, but by the hand” Says the assailant as he begins to chop at Jimmy's arms. The blood oozes out of Jimmy's exposed flesh as he begins to scream “why are you doing this?!!!” The masked figure gets two inches from Jimmy's ear and whispers “You always did ignore my opinion Jimmy, but now that we are even, its time for me to bury the hatchet.” “Wait, wait Jess listen what happened last week is not what you think I-” Jimmy's words were interrupted by the pain of a hatchet begin buried deep into his chest. As he lay there dying and with his breath approaching, I begin to laugh. For 1314 31st street was none other than the place where Jimmy and I met and where our life started. It was funny to see it end where it all started. So be warned Whitewater City, For hell has no fury like a woman's hatchet.

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