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Poem inspired by the Alternative band, Tool with their song "Sober" Enjoi! :D

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012




Kill my senses

Dry my river of bliss

my ship is sinking ever so quickly

and I have no time

to catch up to the present

for the past, is all i know

all i regret

all i that I've lost

these dead memories won't leave me be

these four walls

that hold my broken mind

are screaming for a better day

a day with a peaceful sunset

with an angel's hand in my own

to sail this ship once again

and never look back

to conquer every mountain and river

of enmity and sorrow

find my true voice

amongst the cries of the fallen

and the truth that blinds us all

every word will hang like a traitor

filling the air, with an ocean of false hope

but, i must sail my flag of will

against the winds of affliction

find a way to kill

my knowledge of you

and your plastic persona

why must you think that i love you?

when i hate, everything you stand upon

with your ego-driven ways

and your crooked smile

I'll bring and end

and the cycles of pain will stop.

no skyscraper of sorrow

will be too strong to crumble

no wheel of misfortune

will turn again

and as my ship rises

from above the black water

we realize the time we waste

when we should be out

to conquer all until

there is nothing

left to conquer.

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