Being Used

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**NOTE: I DO NOT encourage cutting or suicidal thoughts upon anything about this poem, In fact: those things have got to be for the weak and need to learn to move on!**

I wrote this based off of BEING used, while at a stand point of cheating...I confused myself after I read this poem so I figure I better explain what was meant to be said here, lol;

Basically its about those being 'used'

while your just one of many and was confronted by your one true love that your a reject and a nothing but they love you anyways, and you love them(Yes this is my experienced era) back and KNOW that when they arent with you their with someone or other people when they shouldnt be trusted but you do anyways...and the ending pretty much is just the waking of the person's requiem. That their TRUE love is a liar and they cant live; Therefore they live in a Afterlife era...bleh

So remember, no cutting please I dont like that =X
I tried suicide and was saved luckily but was/am still going through some emotional pains of being "used" so my suicide took before I found out about being "used"

crap Im rambling; lol

Submitted: July 13, 2008

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Submitted: July 13, 2008




The feeling of being binded by chains
Shackled by that of her beauty
And tortured by her untrustworthy soul

When being told, you were never loved; "never"
When being told, you were always just another
When being told, you were never meant to be together

Still denying the truth
Living under the lies like a roof
You keep asking yourself:
"If what was said, was meant to be?"
"Will she still take me?"

Though you hate being thrown away
Its hard to keep you away, Hating the misery
But you cant deny not having the company

So having that beauty in your life
While she has you and every other
I hope you sit there and ponder...
Such as I,
How Should I Die?

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